Benefits of implementing NAPS for the consumer durables sector


The National Apprentice Promotion Scheme or NAPS as it is widely known, has been a carefully planned initiative adopted by the Government of India in order to boost the number of skilled and competent apprentices across the country. Conceived by the Government, the primary aim of this scheme was to usher in a period of economic prosperity in the nation by enhancing the productivity and strengthening the principal operations of various industries through the assistance of trained apprentices who can be imbibed in different trades. The NAPS scheme was put into effect since the 19th of August, 2016 under the auspices of none other than the Central Government.

Consumer Durable Sector in India :

The consumer durable sector or the consumer durable industry in India has a net worth of around 9.7 billion dollars, as quantified around 2015 and is expected to grow to whopping 20.6 billion dollar industry by 2020, from where it has the potential to become the fifth largest consumer durable industry in the world by 2025.

The consumer durable industry in India can be categorized into two broad classes, namely :

  • Consumer electronics or brown goods which comprise of televisions, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, computers, and audio systems
  • Consumer appliances or white goods which consist of washing machines, kitchen appliances, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and cleaning equipment.

The majority of the consumer durable industry, which is about two-thirds of it, is sold in the urban markets. They are most popular in Delhi in the northern region, West Bengal in the eastern region, Maharashtra and Gujarat in the western region and Tamil Nadu in the southern region. 

How NAPS can be instrumental in improving the scene of the Consumer Durable Industry in India :

The ongoing operations of the consumer durable industry and the constituent companies which belong to this sector can be maximized and their potential can be elevated to a whole new level through the proper implementation of NAPS. The prospective ways through which NAPS can augment the operations of the consumer durable industry and improve its financial worth can be summarised below. 

  • The primary objective adopted by the Government of India while conceptualizing the idea of NAPS was to boost the number of competent as well as employable youths who could be employed in various industrial sectors as apprentices. These apprentices would later mature into successful professionals who would contribute to the company in question as well as the society at large.

Since the NAPS scheme encompasses various technical and non-technical disciplines, therefore the Consumer Durable Industry can also benefit at large because of the heightened skill level of apprentices who can assist in the manufacture, production as well as the business proliferation of the electronic and electrical consumer products and appliances. Young engineers trained under the NAPS scheme can add value to develop newer technologies that can be imbibed in the consumer durable industry and bring more revenue through export.

The Government aims to amplify that number of skilled and employable youths to at least 50 lakhs per year, by the end of  2020. With an aim to realize that momentous target, the Government has established Mentorship Centres like BTPs and BTCs in conjunction with the implementation of NAPS. 

Thus different companies that contribute to the consumer durable sector would directly benefit from the expansion of the proficient workforce who can extend their expertise in providing technical and non-technical solutions to the customary operations of the company. This would provide a huge boost in the productivity of the indigenous companies hailing from the consumer durable industry and resist the import of similar products from outside.

  • The presence of the dextrous and proficient workforce, equipped with the requisite set of abilities and sophisticated skills, will possess the upper hand of delivering operation related support in the consumer durable industry. They can thus assist in the smooth functioning of the concerned companies they are part and parcel of without literally being an employee of the company itself.

Increasing the involvement of skilled apprentices providing comparatively lower remunerations than the general employees would unarguably increase the financial growth of the company belonging to the consumer durable sector, while its productivity would also encounter a massive boost.

  • The existence of this huge amount of demand-supply relationship would result in the increment of the number of companies belonging to the consumer durable industry who would invest their capital on such a dextrous workforce of trained apprentices because of their provision of cheap yet skilled labor. The enhancement in the number of successful apprentices would positively stimulate the proliferation of the number of startups and potentially big companies and since the consumer durable sector is currently experiencing a windfall, it would be beneficial in the establishment of companies that belong to this section of the industry. The introduction of NAPS results in the sustenance of a suitable climate for the mushrooming of companies and startups belonging to the consumer durable sector; because of the potential prosperity and economic boom.
  • Those consumer durable companies which are equipped with relevant infrastructure would get financially incentivized by the Government if they are engaging the trained apprentices tutored under the auspices of the NAPS mentorship scheme. The reimbursements would be provided directly by the central government to those companies.

These, in short, are the various ways in which the Consumer Durable Sector of the country can be benefited directly by the introduction of the NAPS program.

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