Covid-19 & Skills Development In Healthcare Sector

Covid-19 pandemic has made us all think and in a multitude of directions. This is a global crisis and also a national issue. In times like these, we have to really think hard. Are we really prepared for such events in the future. Do we have doctors and para-medical staff to take care of such pandemics in the future? 

India requires 64 lakh paramedics to cater to the increasing need in the health sector

Source: Google 

The above-mentioned quote is a general one. We need 64 lakh, paramedical staff, on any normal day. We are sure the demand would increase significantly when things go for a spin. We are a huge nation with a huge population. This makes us more vulnerable to pathogenic attacks like the one we are facing currently. Add to it the dearth of staff to manage such emergencies. The situation is not good and we have to do something about it fast. 

What could be the probable solution? 

We have the numbers but just like any other sector in India, we lack the skills even in the health care segment. Most of the health care sector workers are highly skilled and trained. That is because there is a system in place which checks and controls the quality. Most of the medic and para-medic skills are controlled by the government. There are competitive examinations that filter the candidates and provide good output. However, the number of colleges still seems to be less than what is required. So for essential and vital skills opening new colleges and training eligible candidates is the solution. For other profiles like that of a ward boy or a nursing assistant, hospitals and clinics should run their in-house skills development program with the help of external agencies. 

This is one of the feasible solutions that would work in such situations and would help us in being better equipped for the future. The healthcare regulators should come up with new training and skills development schemes and should ensure that they are properly implemented through various agencies. A healthy country is a wealthy country. Let’s not forget that.

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