How can a fresh school pass out be benefited from the NEEM scheme

NEEM Scheme: An introduction :

National Employment Enhancement Mission has been a project undertaken in a combined fashion by AICTE as well as the Government of India to promote the number of dextrous, employable youths all across the country. The inception of this scheme lies in the fact that the nation aimed at augmenting the number of skilled workforce belonging to any sector of the industry.

The present number of efficient employable youth laborers who are knowledgeable in their particular fields possess the pertinent know-how, as well as hands-on skills of the industry operations, which is extremely low. Therefore this combined effort by the Government and AICTE concentrated in providing technical knowledge ascertaining to particular job training. The individuals would benefit hugely by finding their desired positions in the industrial sector as trained professionals. 

Even the organizations and the participating employers in this scheme would value immensely. They would have a skilled workforce at their disposal, armed with the requisite pool of skills. They would even possess the flexibility of using the people trained under this scheme as temporary laborers as well as provide future employment in the organization itself.

NEEM Scheme: An opportunity for the underprivileged :

Though the inception of the scheme dates back to specific sections of an AICTE Act, circa 1987, the deployment is much recent with the particular amendments of an Act of 2013 stating the explicit numbers of employed apprentices in different organizations as per their annual turnover. The estimated numbers that have been targeted to achieve are quite lofty, starting from companies with an annual turnover of above 25 crores to employ at least 5000 trainees per year to those organizations averaging annually on 5-15 crores of turnover have the responsibility of engaging at least 1000 employable youths.

The numbers are quite high on standards and the time to achieve these is fairly slim. Hence the NEEM scheme has adopted a very flexible procedure to attain this objective of drastically increasing the number of employable youths within an extremely short time span. Therefore the eligibility criteria of being adopted within this scheme are almost effortless.

The NEEM scheme has been developed keeping in mind the underprivileged yet aspiring youths of the country. If they could be provided proper tutelage so that they could harness their skills in the concerned fields, the country would enjoy a blissful period of tremendous financial gain. 

Eligibility criteria : 

The name of the scheme itself suggests that it has been implemented keeping in mind the acute skilled labor shortage across all the Indian industrial sectors. It has been introduced to bridge that gap in the least possible time.

Hence the number of applicants of this scheme has the ease of being from various backgrounds as well as disciplines.

There is an age criterion though, which spans from not below 16 years of age to not above 40 years of age during registration under the scheme.

The organizations and those governmental agencies providing the requisite training will accept students from various technical as well as non-technical disciplines. The aspiring candidates may either be undergraduates studying in their final year of graduation. They can even possess a diploma in a particular subject.

The most alluring thing is that even people who have discontinued their courses due to any circumstantial constraints can also apply to get mentorship as well as hands-on training under this scheme.

In India, abject poverty at times compels students to drop out of school. They invest their time in trying to earn for the family. There are cases when poverty and the associated state of affairs might force a pupil to drop out of their preferred courses.

But all these fresh school pass outs need not think that their hopes of fulfilling their aspirations and making their career in their desired professional fields have met their end. This is where the NEEM scheme finds its applicability by placing these pupils back into the fold of things where they receive proper guidance to materialize into those successful individuals they once dreamt of being.

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