How can constant skills development boost employment in the post-COVID economy?


Technological advancements have perpetually caused a scare to every individual who has been involved in the professional sector. It causes a great deal of anxiety, as they try to adapt to the ongoing change and keep themselves relevant in the job market. It is frightening as more than 90% of the manual jobs have been replaced by machine labor, and with the continuous progress of AI and technology, more so will happen over the course of the next few years. 

Importance of life-long learning in the present era:

Jobs that require human labor and intervention are being rendered obsolete with each passing day. Therefore, as professionals who want to provide an indelible impression to your fields, you need to change and adapt to the growing demands. Since the technology-driven change is the only constant as of now, the learning on your part should continue to reflect the same. 

According to the industry experts and market gurus, life-long learning should be the mantra of every individual who wants to adapt and change according to the growing digital economy. This statement is particularly true in recent times when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced rapid digitalization globally. Not only the nationwide resources are important to brace this change, but the upskilling initiatives and the institutions which would buoy these resources. 

How to recalibrate one’s mindset for life-long learning:

The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme under the auspices of the Government of India has been operating for the last few years and is dedicated to skill the country’s youth with the relevant industrial know-how. With the efforts of the Prime Minister in reinforcing the digital economy, the apprenticeship and employment schemes will come in handy. With all the upskilling, reskilling, and the continued skilling initiatives going on, the Ministry cannot emphasize enough on the development of a mindset to practice life-long learning. 

Benefits of life-long learning:

Inculcating life-long learning into one’s schedule is important to brave the continuous challenges that occur in the professional environment. It strengthens your employability and adds value to the organization. You can also afford to change your job designation and your job status with life-long learning coming to your aid. 

Life-long learning is immensely important to the organizations as it upgrades the quality and competence of their employees. With a boost in their skill sets, the employees can perform more brilliantly for the organizations and thus drive their productivity to a whole new level. 

Methods of adopting life-long learning:

According to the institutions and organizations which highlight the benefits of life-long learning, it is a continuous practice. Life-long learning is a holistic journey of upskilling and continuously reskilling yourself to the ever-changing professional requirements. Thus, you need to inculcate life-long learning practices and make it a core feature that defines yourself. 

Apart from a healthy dose of passion and learning, you also need to have infallible diligence that sees you through every course that you complete and finally apply the knowledge into your daily lives and workplaces. With the cycle of learning and applications in real-time environments, knowledge retention is higher. 

The post-COVID job scenario demands life-long learning as a best practice:

The country’s youth needs to embed the desire for continuous learning in their own mindsets. It is that unerring tool that will let them survive adverse job environments and sail through a continuously evolving professional sector. 

The post-COVID job market will be a herald of digitalization. The initial market projections and job prospects are gloomy due to the tumbling economies during the pandemic, but technology is going to enhance the job qualities and even replace them in the long term. Therefore, the youth needs to be up-to-date with the relevant digital skills in order to secure their place in the post-COVID professional environment. 


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