How can India benefit from skills development and NEEM Scheme?


NEEM Scheme as we know is the big brother of all the skills development efforts that are currently taking shape in the country. In this article, we will be dealing with how NEEM scheme can really boost the Indian economy. You see NEEM Scheme was born because of the urgent and dire need of the Indian business to acquire the skills that would make them globally competitive.

It is actually a matter of national shame that we Indians comprise of some of the biggest youth working force in the world yet, most of our youth are unemployable because they do have the sufficient skills to be globally competitive. To make the matters worse the youth was not actually fully aware of this grave situation. We had covered this issue long back in one of our blog post.

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Now the government of India was well aware of this issue and knew if something is not done about it promptly then it will be a great national loss. Hence the skills development department of the government of India came out with a radical new scheme called NEEM Scheme. NEEM here stands for national employability enhancement scheme. It is unique in more than one sense. Firstly it gives priority to the Indian less skilled and unemployed youth. NEEM scheme has an aim of providing skills to the youth which will set them on a right career path also while they learn the skills they would also get paid. So, in a way, this is like going the extra mile to motivate the youth to come ahead and shed the stereotypes and start earning.

This scheme would allow them to learn skills free of cost without even spending a single rupee. In fact, they would be paid a good NEEM Salary or stipend for the same. The working hours are fixed and the working conditions are completely regulated and humane. NEEM Trainees as these youths are referred to often turn out as able professionals who can contribute positively to the society and are real economic assets of for the nation.

The opportunities for learning are immense for the motivated youth here. Almost every industry including the software industry is now offering NEEM Based apprenticeship programs for the deserving youth. Yes if you are young and motivated and want to learn to code then even that’s possible. Since we have discussed the software industry here. It becomes essential to add some wider facts so that our readers can know how much we stand to gain if we wisely utilize NEEM Scheme to develop our software industry.

Let’s discuss The Southeast Asian startup scene. It is strong and getting stronger. Throughout the region, companies are emerging in fintech, edtech, insurtech, blockchain and lots of other areas. Do you know that in 2017, Southeast Asian startups received $7.86 billion in investor funding, which is triple the investments seen before, according to Tech in Asia. The region also boasts four unicorns, including Grab and Go-Jek, reports CB Insights. Now the question arises when these guys can do it why can’t we? Where are we lacking? 

We lack in basic skills development. We don’t lack in brains, but our conditions are different from these countries. Our youth is deprived and needs to earn first than learn. Thats why we need to push NEEM scheme to every nook and corner of the industry. We are a nation of talents and that talent is waiting to be nurtured and developed. We hope more and more industries embrance the great concept of NEEM Scheme and grow by leaps and bounds.

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