How companies can get a better work force through NEEM Scheme

Everybody needs a better workforce. Who can deny the fact that it’s the people who build the companies and not the machines? Having a motivated workforce is something that has become crucial to a business. The government of India Initiatives like NEEM Scheme is helping many industries achieve a better-skilled manpower for themselves.

A question arises in our minds? Why is NEEM Scheme so efficient?

Well, the answer lies in a single word, and that is motivation. You see motivation is the key factor which will decide how well your trainee or employee imbibes the core value of the company. This will also have a great impact on how fast and how well he acquires the skills that will show some positive impact on the bottom-line of the company.

You see doing a global business is not easy nowadays. Its full of challenges and the market is ever changing with new obstacles cropping up every day.

It is a known fact that the performance of the employees is governed by both the internal and external environments. In order to survive in this wild competitive place, everything should be perfect. You plant and machinery should be latest and your human team has to be in top shape skills wise. Even after gaining the right skills there are no guarantees that the people will work to their maximum potential. See positive motivation is the key to all human endeavors.

If a person is motivated then he can scale mountains and do anything that will make him successful. Thi motivation has to be brought in to the lives of your skilled employees. If you can keep your workforce motivated then there is no limit to your growth. Remember one thing a motivated employee always deliver great value to the company. He will be the one who would take initiatives while working and will solve most of the organizational problems themselves.

Motivation of Workforce is every thing

The motivation of workforce is the most crucial function which every manager has to perform diligently along with other duties.This is what will get him a better workforce A manager has to function as a friend and motivator of his subordinates. It is an inseparable part of work efficiency itself. Factors that help shape the  Employee’s motivation:

  • Faith in employees strengths: The best motivation for any employee is his manager bestowing faith in his capabilities.
  • Seeks employees feedback: A good manager would always seek feedback on the issues that are bugging his team. This also creates an aura of responsibility.
  • Teach employees to measure their own success: Perhaps the most crucial of all motivational skills is to develop the sense of ownership in the team or the workforce. Once this is developed then the team members will be self-aware of their bearing with respect to work and will be more efficient.
  • Crystal clear &regular communication about factors important to employees: The corporate communication should always be to the point and should never create a dilemma or doubt in the team members. They should understand the vibes that come with the message, there should be no room for doubt.
  • Treating employees with respect: Until unless your behavior is proper, no motivation can take place. As the saying goes “so you sow, so you reap” Same is applicable here. Trust me giving respect will be the biggest thing you can do to keep your workforce motivated.
  • Feedback and training from managers and leaders: Motivation will always start from the top and reach the bottom, hence make sure that everyone in the organization is treated equally.

Now all the things mentioned above sound too good in theory, but now the vital question comes how to implement it. See, every organization has different styles of motivating employees. We will not cover that part here. Being a registered NEEM agent and promoting NEEM Scheme. We can only tell you about how we can help you achieve your goal of having a motivated work force.

As NEEM agents we can ensure that we provide you with NEEM Trainees who are already self confident and motivated to learn. We make efforts to ensure that our able team screens every NEEM Trainee before he lands up in your training program. See having a strong seed will always give your a fruiting tree.

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