How is NAPS providing demand-driven interventions in various industrial sectors

How is NAPS providing demand-driven interventions in various industrial sectors

India is one of the fastest-growing and rapidly emerging economies of the world with a mushrooming youth population, which the average age of the Indian population tending to 29 years by the end of 2020. Since the services sector of the Indian industries is one of the most rapidly growing sectors, there is a huge requirement of workforce participation in this particular field.

But the workforce assimilation rate in the services sector is diminutive owing to the limitations provided by the unskilled and semiskilled labour. Therefore, the focus can be shifted to take advantage of the huge amount of youthful population and engage it in boosting the productivity of the Indian manufacturing sector. The Make in India initiative possesses a grand vision of creating 100 million jobs by 2021 and thus convert the subcontinent in a global manufacturing hub and increase the number of jobs, thus resulting in a momentous impetus on the national economy. This aggressive policy push has been complemented by the Skill India and Digital India initiatives. 

Need of the hour : 

Since there has to be a considerable attempt to tap into this aggressive policy push by the Government, a maximum number of giant players amongst Public and Private Sectors have been spontaneous in trying to provide a backbone to the framework that can provide adequate skills and mend the massive skill-gap that exists in the Indian industrial sector. The Amendments introduced to the skilling initiatives of the Government which finally culminated in the introduction of the NAPS in August of 2016 looked to provide a sustained solution to the problems encountered by the indigenous industries. Public and Private Sector enterprises equipped with the proper infrastructural facilities are now capable of providing an industrial interface into the core operations and also in providing practical on the job training to the aspiring candidates armed with a minimum criterion of formal education. These industrial bodies will be financially assisted by the government while they are providing the relevant training to the candidates while also incentivising the education or training that the candidates are receiving. The candidates are subsidised and the organisations that employ these apprentices in their integral operations are also financially assisted by the government. Thus a cycle is needed to be efficiently operated, which creates a multitude of competent and dextrous candidates and a robust industrial ecosystem needs to exist which thrives on the strength of these apprentices and assimilates them in their fore operations. 

NAPS providing demand-driven interventions in the Indian industrial sectors : 

Trainees equipped with an adequate amount of relevant knowledge for the seamless operation of Indian industries is one of the major objectives of NAPS. This scheme aims at boosting the number of these trainees or competent and capable apprentices and integrate them into the industrial ecosystem of the country. The NAPS scheme was introduced after the Government and the related Ministries held lengthy conversations with over 200 small, medium and large industrial establishments. It is focussed at providing demand-driven interventions in specific industries.

Till date, this attempt has been fruitful in augmenting the productivity of the Textiles industry, manufacturing industry, Automotive and Automobile industry, Services Industry, IT and ITeS industry as well as sophisticated industries like Pharmaceuticals. All of these industries required a significant amount of labour force and were supplied through various qualified institutes and BTPs and Third-Party Aggregators. These individuals were qualified under the NAPS program and were equipped with the cutting edge and state of the art technologies that were important in the operation of industries. Thus NAPS can be regarded as the perfect solution for demand-driven industry-specific labour force injection.

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