How NEEM Scheme Can Change Things in India ?

Besides Apprentice training and Standing order provisions, a new initiative has been launched by the government of India known as the National Employability Enhancement Mission. The objective of the mission is to offer the young generation with a practical approach to enhance their skills, perspective, and knowledge so that they become employable at the end of the training.

The Present Scene

The literate population of India is around 70 percent which is much lesser than some of the most developed countries around the globe. And when we calculate the rate of employability, the situation is even worse with only a meager 20 percent deemed employable.

Here, it is important to show that literacy is not just expressed on the basis of education but also has a broader scope of accomodating technical expertise, industry skills, vocational education, digital knowledge, transferrable skills, and such other abilities that are required for employment and also earning a livelihood.

According to a recent survey taken before the coronavirus breakout, only 25 percent of people have undergone skill development courses whereas, the number of skilled workforces required is much higher. 

Requirements of the industry

In the present world scenario, most companies opt to recruit technically sound employees rather than employees with no additional professional skills. This is because the latter has scanty career growth and they may not be able to boost the growth of the organization. Having proper skills magnify the productivity and improve the quality of work for better results in both the micro and macro level.

As per the latest reports of the World Trade Organisation, the GDP level of our country is supposed to rise to 3 to 5 percent by 2035, if India keeps its focus steady on skill development. But considering the pandemic, we don’t know yet to what extent it will be feasible.

The private organizations are working under the provision of the NEEM Scheme managed by the government. They are offering a variety of ways to aid the young aspiring candidates with technical and non-technical skill training, earn while you learn the scheme and soft skills so that they become competent in various industries. In addition, a number of flagship training programs have also been launched for empowering people so that they can earn their living as well as help the economy. 

A diverse range of employment

Let’s admit it; though we all run after government jobs, it is understandable that public sector jobs may not be for everyone. Thus, some people should have the courage to launch their own startups in their preferred fields so that they can sustain themselves while also creating job opportunities for others. The government of India is presently offering a number of benefits for those aspiring to open their own businesses; benefits such as tax rebate, lenient policy issues, and financial aid for motivating startups to get set and go. 

Tackling and management of unemployment is not easy for any government particularly when the total population of the nation has crossed 130 crores. Population growth is a major drawback for India and the entire south-east Asia at large.

Agriculture definitely stands as the major sector for providing employment to the Indian youth. But there is a lack of innovation and creativity needed for making the sector remunerative and improving profit margins. Fishery and poultry have already started attracting youth while dairy is also playing an important role. 

The next important sector is handloom coupled with a power loom. If it is properly supported by supplying the right experts then it will not only generate employment but also considerable revenue. Development in infrastructure such as the construction of railways, national highways, waterways, aviation can also generate sufficient employment in the country. But all these sectors call for technical knowledge and expertise which is provided by the NEEM scheme.

The activities can definitely aid in surging the economy and create a better position in the country amidst all major economies around the globe. But to achieve this, production, innovation, design, and development must be implemented integrally so that the youth of our country does not remain behind. 

Boosting Employment while avoiding underemployment

Skill development is one of the crucial tools to bring about change by empowering people with the right skill sets and knowledge. It is a significant aspect that boosts a person’s employability in a world of globalization. Skills are essential tools in a person’s academic qualifications and therefore, skilling and education should go hand in hand. They form the roots that strengthen the economic growth and holistic development of our nation.

In the current world plagued by the coronavirus, the acquisition of professional skill and education can definitely act as the silver lining to the dark cloud looming large over the Indian economy.


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