How NEEM Scheme is a Boon for Indian Industries?

One of the best means of creating a pool of adept workforce is definitely apprenticeship training. It is quite inspiring that China has over 20 million apprentices while Germany has 3 million. Our country, too, has the strength to boost the availability of skilled workforce for different segments in the industry. The government of India is taking a number of initiatives in order to add over 5 million skilled and technically sound youth to the current workforce this financial year.

The measures taken by the Government:
The government knows about the impediments and challenges of the present workforce of the country. Therefore, the central authority, together with AICTE has launched a training scheme for the unemployed youth called the NEEM. The primary aim of this scheme is the development of a skilled and efficient workforce that could help the nation progress in the industrial sphere. The basis of this training scheme is to provide practical training to the trainees in order to enhance their employability. It is also applicable for individuals who have discontinued their studies or have completed their graduation in any discipline.

The Outstanding Benefits of the NEEM Scheme:
The workforce or the labor who are trained under the NEEM scheme is completely authorized and regulated by an expert professional. This indicates that the no employer, regardless of the industry he belongs to, will have to worry about any kind of legal liabilities. When the trainees undergo such a stringent training procedure, they become more disciplined and are prone to adapt the skills much faster. Moreover, the trainees are liable to learn the new technologies and skills along with earning a stipend. As a result, the Indian industries are becoming more competent by hiring skilled workforce who also have an industry-based experience so that they can work efficiently.

On the other hand, when it comes to the employer, they are also hugely benefited from the NEEM scheme. The competence and effectiveness of the company is greatly improved. It also gives the organisation the power to develop their skilled manpower and develops a hierarchy of training the workers from the bottom.

NEEM Scheme: Improving the Prospect of Employability:
It is definitely a matter of national concern that only a handful of youth today, works at some of the notable industries around the globe. It is seen that almost all the youth of India today are unemployable since they lack the adequate skills required to be competitive globally. What’s worse is that the youth is still unaware of this pathetic situation. But the government has recognized the issue and taken effective measures to improve the situation.

With the NEEM scheme, the opportunities for training and learning are huge for the youth who are self-motivated. This mission is immensely helpful for the people who are preparing for bagging a job in various fields. Those candidates who have come from non-technical stream are also welcome in the NEEM scheme. This, in turn, will help the industries as well as the individuals to prosper and the country will definitely rise by all means.

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