How NEEM scheme is helping the Indian youth towards a better career & future

Skill gap situation, though being extremely debated as a term, seems to be a major impediment towards the growth of a nation. Particularly when the country on concern is India where the population growth is tremendous and is exponentially increasing. The main section of this population is the youth, whose possession of skills would definitely help them in achieving their desired designation in the industrial sector.

But as mentioned above, the ominous presence of the Skill Gap situation in India, makes its presence felt. The growing section of the Indian population that is employable, consists primarily of youths. But this is not contributing much to the financial growth of the nation as a huge percentage of the youths lack the requisite technical knowledge and the hands-on skills which are the primary components behind building a successful career. 

Measures adopted to combat the skill gap situation and offer a better future to the Indian youths :

A skill gap analysis is hence very important in order to identify the missing skills of the workforce, and accordingly providing tutelage to them so that they may be well trained, knowledgeable and better equipped to perform the needful. This is again important on part of the employees too as it helps them be aware of the various critical skills they need to possess in order to cater to the requirements of the concerned agency, and also in honing, refining and inculcating the absent skills.

NEEM : An initiative by the Government :

As per the two establishing bodies, namely AICTE as well as the Government of India; NEEM is a pioneering initiative which stands for : National Employability Enhancement Mission. As the name suggests, NEEM has been developed with the objective to provide tutelage to the youths in different skills and dextrosities which would make them employable in various sections of the industry. 

This would definitely counter the shortage of skilled labour force that is a major concern in terms of India. This is because the absence of the skilled workforce is something that is causing major hindrance in the economic proliferation and growth of the country.

As per the official declaration asserted by the two establishing bodies, the primary objective of National Employability Enhancement Mission, commonly known as NEEM, is to furnish  on the job practical training which would definitely augment the employability of a person either pursuing his or her PostGraduation or graduation or diploma in any technical or non-technical stream of study; or has had the misfortune or circumstantial pressure to discontinue studies after Class 10th Boards. 

Objectives of NEEM :

This kind of practical training would definitely increase their employability in a variety of sectors and also rejuvenate their aspirations of joining their desired fields, which they might have had abandoned due to a variety of unforeseen and unfortunate events.

The scheme, furnished by the Government and the AICTE, clearly states that it aims to direct the underprivileged and unskilled youth workforce of the country along the path of  ideal skill development. It is one of the finest skills development schemes that is a brainchild of the government would prove to be extremely conducive to the underprivileged and untrained youth to hone the latest skills without any expenditures incurred on their part.

The trainees are more disciplined and they operate under specific agents who aid them in finding employment in different industries. Thus the industries are granted skilled workforce without additional responsibilities. They can even absorb them as permanent employees or release them after the requisite needs are fulfilled. 

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