How skills can enhance the Indian Banking Sector?

How skills can enhance the Indian Banking Sector?

The first banks started with the merchants providing loans to farmers and other people. Since then it has mingled with human existence perfectly and today we hardly can dream of our life without requiring any banking service. Banks and the services they provide help us grow socially and economically. With time the sector has grown into a multifunctional industry that caters to our various needs.

A career in this sector is quite safe and secure and economically rewarding. But with time it is growing and requires new updates that have started rolling. At the same time, new skills are required in the workforce associated with the industry. If one does not update oneself and get acquainted with the new skill sets banking sector demands in a prospective worker, it will be difficult to work in this prospering sector. Let us check on the skill sets that will be sought by the banking sector.

Future Skill Requirements

Apart from drab accounting, the banking sector will be in need of many new soft skills that are quite difficult to master. From handling customer complaints effectively to smoothly operating the newly launched machines, it has become a little challenging.

Some soft skill requirements are

  • Effective Communication

As a banking sector employee you will be communicating with financial people with profound knowledge of technical terms and jargons as well as people with a little or no knowledge of finance. With the recent financial inclusion drive of Government, it has become possible to incorporate rural, uneducated people under the ambit of organized financing. So it is imperative that they will face many problems in the recent future and to solve that problem an employee of the bank needs to be willing to listen patiently to their queries and communicate a clear solution effectively.

  • Problem Solving

The skill of problem-solving swiftly and effectively will come in handy for both the bank and the beneficiary. Lack of this skill in every employee will be a threat to the growth of the bank. The ability to do a SWOT analysis of the situation is a mandatory skill to have in an employee.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is also another skill that will require new dimension to solve and handle new age problems and complaints. It incorporates all the skills referring to careful observation of customer behavior and reaching out to them in a positive and friendly way. To solve a complaint with a smiling face is the greatest skill in the service sector.

  • Technology Awareness

An awareness of the recent technological inventions and the skill of handling them with speed and efficiency is also something you need to have to get entry into the sector. It is imperative you stay updated with the technical innovations.

 These are the four must-have skills that will be in demand in the next few years. Anyone with these additional skills along with numeracy skill will be welcome into the industry.

NEEM will Develop Your Skills

National Employability Enhancement Mission is a Government of India’s initiative to help you achieve the required skills for every industry you choose. It will train you and increase your possibility as a prospective banking employee. The fee this mission charges is nominal compared to the world-class skills you develop, thanks to this grand initiative to maintain the holistic development of the country’s youth power.

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