Indian Youth: The rant of unemployability

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India, the land of the great. We have the best of everything, but somehow we always manage to create a ruckus. Our hobby is looking for problems rather than searching for solutions. We might be sounding a little negative here, but this is the holy grail of current situation prevailing in our country. Every other day we the productive time of the nation and the resources of the government being wasted on trivial issues.

We see youth protesting, that there is a lack of job opportunities. The question here is, that is it true? Or Even if it’s true what could be a probable solution to this problem. Studies show that in 2014 52.6% of youth between the age of 15-24 were actively looking for a job. Now that’s a staggering figure and the number of unemployed youth would be in millions. Having such a large youth workforce lying idle is seriously a matter of national disgust.

What could be wrong here? We feel that it has more to do with aspirations of the youth. Everybody wants to aspire to become a doctor or an engineer and people are willing to invest most of their productive years pursuing their aspirations. The youth would spend their precious time in gaining redundant skill sets which might no longer be in demand. There is a huge gap between what the industry needs and what our youth have in terms of skills.

This creates a vacuum which is seen as lack of job opportunities by our young dynamites. Government India and AICTE are aware of this phenomenon and luckily they have acted very prudently towards a working executable solution to this issue. Hence NEEM Scheme was born. NEEM Scheme or National Employment Enhancement Mission is a path-breaking initiative taken by the government of India. This scheme will change the economics of the nation where it matters most. The scheme aims at producing some very productive human assets, and with the levels of aggression that the concerned authorities are working on it, they would soon ensure lots of happy youth. Feeling the pulse of the issue, government of India under the aegis of NEEM Scheme has come up with a very unique skill enhancement program.

NEEM scheme and NEEM facilitators across the country are partnering with the youth and the industry, to provide them with hands-on training on skills that the Industry requires. This unique program hence generates instant employment for the youth.

Under NEEM scheme, facilitators formulate many apprenticeship programs for the youth as per the framework provided by the government. So what we have here is a unique real-time synergy between the Industries and the workforce. NEEM Scheme is a win-win situation for everyone.

CLR Skills Training Foundation is dedicated to enforcing this scheme for the betterment of the nation. We are here to do our part in building the nation.

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