Industrial skills that India needs

Industrial skills that India needs

Every year in our country at least a million graduates enter the industry to earn their living. But sadly, most of them do not have the qualities and expertise required to be fit for the job. With the job market scaling up at a good pace, they are looking for freshers with employable skills. Unfortunately, with nothing to hold them in a desirable position, the work of the new entrants is becoming all the more difficult. So, there is a dire need for addressing the current issues that are collapsing the education and training sector so that we can do away with traditional pedagogy and obsolete system to bring in innovation and entrepreneurship along with creativity and out of the box ideas in every sector. 

The surging need for change

Most of the industries are now handicapped by various issues that have led to a failed productivity of many sectors. Though you see that your commonplace grocery stores are now getting replaced by modern departmental stores, the manufacturing and retailing sectors are still bogged down by numerous crises.

The labor productivity around the world is standing at a meager 1 percent sharply against the growth of the manufacturing sector at 3.6 percent. Now coming to these figures in India, the project cost has stopped at only 12 to 15 percent whereas, in the global scenario, it has risen to more than 40 percent. As a result, many sectors are not properly performing and it has become an absolute necessity to bridge the gap by boosting the skills of the youth of India.

Being ready for the future

When there is a lack of any certified institutions for the formation of skills, the aspiring candidates are required to be trained in a proper manner. It is important to mention here that the traditional system neither uses the evolving technology nor does it gives emphasis on sustainability to improve their skills for use in the future.


  • Vocational skills : It is very essential to gain knowledge in a specific profession, follow the rampant trends in the industry, and gain command over the language. Then it is also important to understand the needs of diverse clients so that the 8mage of the company improves besides demarcating the employer as a fit one.


  • Technical skills : These are something that never goes out of date. With the new technological advancements taking place all across the globe, it has become important to learn and get accustomed to those skills. It has become a basic prerequisite to get employed. Also, it is best to have sufficient knowledge in handling computers and be proactive in training and workshops held online.


  • Troubleshooting skills : Regardless of the field, you wish to join in, your recruiter will always look for a problem-solving streak in you. It is expected that you will handle problems independently in times of need and not lose your temper or composure in such moments of crisis. It is very essential to have a reasonable and analytical approach for showing your prospective recruiters how you can solve various issues cropping up in the company.


  • Accounting and finance to related skills : Graduates from all disciplines are expected to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the way accounting and finance works. That doesn’t mean that your recruiters will expect you to be a mathematician. But you should be quick to understand the financing processes to better deal with the clientele. And in case you are willing to succeed in the field, it is advised to be proficient in understanding tax regulations, prepare and maintain balance sheets and use different tools for calculating with ease.


  • Entrepreneurship and team working : In spite of having problem-solving skills, you should be able to work with a team without causing any breaches in functioning due to a discrepancy of opinions. You must understand that the whole crowd of employees as a team drive change and prosperity in a firm and your employer will always look for that spirit in you. Closely related to this is the leadership and the entrepreneurship skills which will help you to identify the small gaps in the organization that are standing as a hindrance to growth. For this, it is important to be aware of the basic model of business so that you appear to be an attractive choice for a recruiter.

It is important to understand that the skill set level for hiring is raising its bar and therefore if is becoming increasingly difficult for the job aspirants to bag a decent job. But if you try to acquire these skills, the condition could be better and help in your professional development together with the growth of our economy.

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