Industries that will be positively impacted by NAPS

The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme was conceptualized by the Government of India and was initiated with the objective of enhancing the skilled and employable youth population of the country. Though this was the preliminary objective, the associated positives would be enhancing the output of the industries and taking full advantage of the demographic dividend that has shone upon the country.

How can industries benefit from the implementation of NAPS : 

  • The primary objective of the Government of India, as mentioned above, was to boost the number of proficient and competent youths who could be employed in various industrial sectors as apprentices. These apprentices would later mature into successful professionals who would contribute to the organization as well as the society at large.
    The present data is acutely distressing as currently a mere 2.3 lakhs of apprentices are employed in multiple industries. The Government aims to amplify that number to at least 50 lakhs by end 2020. With an aim to realize that momentous target, the Government established Mentorship Centres like BTPs and BTCs in conjunction with the implementation of NAPS.
  • If the deft workforce is present, equipped with the requisite set of abilities and sophisticated skills, they will possess the advantage of delivering operation related support in any section of the industry. They can thus assist in the seamless functioning of the concerned organization they are employed in without actually being an employee of the organization itself.

This scenario is particularly fruitful for the concerned organization. The organization would automatically increase the involvement of skilled apprentices providing comparatively lower remunerations than general employees.  This would unarguably increase the financial growth of the company, while its productivity would also encounter a huge growth.

  • Because of the existence of this significant demand-supply relationship, the number of companies or organizations that would invest their capital on such dextrous apprentices because of their provision of cheap yet skilled labor would also undergo a huge increment in a similar manner. The enhancement in the number of successful apprentices would positively stimulate the proliferation of the number of startups and potentially big organizations. These organizations may hail from different sectors of industry. The prospective prosperity and the financial growth of the organizations would, as a result, cause the economic growth of the nation.
  • The scheme is not only beneficial to the apprentices but also the organizations as the Central Government has pledged to provide financial incentives to all those companies who employ apprentices.

Sectors of Industry which will benefit from the implementation of NAPS :

The NAPS program has the provision of offering skill development training to all kinds of candidates from technical and non-technical backgrounds. These trained apprentices would provide operation related support in all kinds of industrial technical and non-technical functions.

These industries range from Agriculture based Industries like Textile Industries, Food Processing Industries to Industries that bank on Natural deposits like Steel Industry, Cement Manufacturing Industry, Mining Industry, Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, etc. The Industries can also be purely technological like Software Industry, Telecommunication Industry, and Business Process Outsourcing Industry. 

Thus it is evident that the NAPS program comes with a lot of inherent benefits for the Industries that would boost their productivity, improve their financial bottom line and induce their expansion and proliferation. 

All of these will be reflected in the GDP of the nation. The nation will thus be empowered by its industrial prowess to take advantage of the demographic dividend that it is experiencing till 2040.

The fruitful implementation of NAPS followed by the proper circumstances that encourage all the ancillary advantages may thus see India emerge as one of the most powerful and developed countries in the entire world.

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