Information for becoming NEEM Trainee | NEEM Scheme

Information for becoming NEEM Trainee NEEM Scheme

This article will provide information on how a candidate can enroll with a NEEM agent to become a NEEM Trainee.

  • A person registered under NEEM Scheme with a NEEM Agent will be termed as a NEEM Trainee
  • As per the laid down NEEM rules the individual seeking to apply for apprenticeship under this scheme should be above 16 years of age and below 44 years of age on the date of application.
  • A person desirous of becoming a NEEM Trainee should at the time of application either be pursuing some vocational training in institutes like ITI or should be pursuing graduation or should have left studies after 10th standard.
  • He should also meet the physical and health criterion of the NEEM Scheme.

NEEM Trainee Contract

  • A proper legal contract has to be signed by the training provider and the trainee. It is a legal requirement and cannot be skipped. The contract will have complete details of terms and conditions that will govern the entire program. It will also have the facilities and rights of the trainee mentioned clearly.
  • As per the information given in Appendix 2 of the document, the trainee will be deemed to have started his apprenticeship/training from the date of acceptance of the application.
  • The NEEM Contract is in no way an offer of the job, neither it guarantees any employment.
  • The stipend paid to the trainee will not be under the purview of any taxes or cut and will be paid straightforwardly.

Duration of Training

  • The training will be provided to trainees with the industries and companies which has proper empanelment under the scheme. The company taking in the trainees will have to be registered with the NEEM Scheme.
  • The duration of NEEM Training for a NEEM Trainee will range from a period of 3 months to 36 months and this will be governed by the NSQF.
  • The duration of NEEM Training will depend upon the nature and the requirement of the training provider. It is largely decided by the requirements of the same. The decision on the duration of the training will solely depend upon the discretion of the NEEM training provider.

Termination of NEEM contract

  • The NEEM contract will be deemed terminated when the duration of the same expires as per the NEEM contract.
  • The NEEM contract can be terminated by either of the parties by serving a notice of 30 days.
  • If the NEEM Trainee is resorting to methods which are illegal, counterproductive the industry or is found to be absent regularly while in the training period, then the NEEM Traning provider can terminate his contract.
  • If the NEEM Trainee is not following any terms and conditions of the NEEM Contract, then the training provider can terminate the contract by giving a Notice of 30 days.
  • NEEM contract cannot be used as a basis for applying for full-time employment in the company where the NEEM trainee is receiving his training.

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