IT Skills In Demand : 2019

The continuous growth of technology and its seamless integration in industrial functions and operations means that individuals aspiring to be a part of the industrial environment, should continuously renovate themselves and try inculcating the new skills to remain competitive in their fields.

The demand for a highly skilled workforce has already led to a critical labor supply shortage for huge economies like the US and all across Europe and even in India. While job growth will not be limited to the tech industry in 2019, the proliferation and adoption of technology across all sectors of the economy mean that tech jobs will be on the rise in 2019. Accordingly, the need to brace themselves with in-demand technical skills is a must for the aspiring workforce.

Without further ado, we will now focus on the top industrial skills in demand in the immediate future.

Machine Learning :
One of the most exciting and innovative fields making forage into the future is Machine Learning. It is one of the most profitable skills on the rise that one can adopt and inculcate. From predictive analysis to self driving cars to models that ditto the process through simulation to an array of others, machine learning is one of the most versatile industrial skills that manages to make its presence felt in a variety of industries.

Mobile Development :
The smartphone users are increasing in exponential order all across the world and hence the need to develop apps to remain competitive and industrially significant is a must. Mobile development skills not only ensure the security of an app developer but also for a probable entrepreneur who might reach out with his own indigenous and uniquely relevant app that would direct his organization. The recent most trends are those of augmented reality where mobile development moguls are blending reality and technology to design a new realm.

SEO/SEM Marketing :
Every company must have an influential web presence to market themselves really well these days. Thus grows the need to employ people with digital marketing skills to improve their web presence and visibility, attracting prospective clients through their content and thus paving the path for more conversions, customers and revenue.

A data minded individual will make SEO his forte, by constantly diving in the regions of testing, measuring and experimenting and thus making changes based on the observations and metrics. SEO and digital marketing skills can also benefit an aspiring entrepreneur, who can build his web presence, market himself, find clients and thus manufacture a brand.

Data Visualization:
Evidently a bridge between the technical and non-technical masses, data visualization is an important skill that converts data into a visual context and makes the target audience clearly understand the significance of the data. The data collected by the analysts is taken in and transformed into forms anyone can interpret. The synthesis of a pie chart from a spreadsheet is an example.

Data Engineering :
Essentially an offspring of data science, data engineering is related to building the required infrastructure and tools that enable data scientists to conduct their work. Growth of data engineering roles have historically outpaced growth for data scientists’ jobs and hence this might prove an effective skill to hone and have in the near future.

UI/UX Design :
UI (User Interface) and UX(User Experience) design are one of the most sought after skills of these days by individuals who aspire to be in fields that utilize both creativity and analytical ability. UI specialists design websites and apps and products keeping in mind the visuals, layout, flow and general look and feel of the content whereas the UX professionals do the testing and research of every element that would help the user interact with the company and the website seamlessly.

Cyber Security :
One of the most booming fields of profession these days is cyber security or network and information security. Every company that deals with customer information or other sensitive data is invested in protecting the data and here comes the utility of this possessing this skill in this context in 2019. Data breaches are not only big, newsworthy, compromising goodwill, and costing heavily for a company; but they also emphasize the lack of the required skill of handling cyber security. The need of cyber security professionals is by far outpacing the supply of the same and hence arises the benefit of acquiring this skill and putting it to maximum usage in order to cement one’s position, 2019 onwards.

Cloud Computing :
Cloud computing solutions is the next generation way of managing and storing big and sensitive data. More and more companies are rejecting classical server infrastructure and switching over to cloud solutions. It is one of the most unique and profitable skills that an IT employee can acquire to boost up his career because it involves database storage, networking, content delivery and a host of other services.

Blockchain :
Though originally devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, Blockchain has evolved in providing a host of other technological services like peer to peer payments, crowdfunding, file storage, identity management and digital voting amongst others. More and more companies need people who thoroughly understand the Blockchain, smart contracts and can build decentralized applications. It is one of the most forthcoming responses to the need for possessing unique technical and industrial skills these days.

The internet of things simply refers to the hardware and devices ranging from smart sensors to smartphones to wearables, which are connected to the internet. Anything connected to the internet can be hacked, leading to the leakage of sensitive data and information that compromises the security. Hence arises the need to secure all these devices while they are manufactured and hence cybersecurity professionals who specialize in IOT will be the most sought after in the near future.

Artificial intelligence :
One of the most exciting emerging technologies is that of Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is rapidly morphing the fields of work, by encompassing the idea of machine learning and doing more than that. AI not only deals with specific data and interprets the information but is also related to the operations of machines designed to act intelligently like humans. This is a skill one needs to access if he or she wants to reap the maximum from this emerging field of next-generation technology.

Data Science and Analytics :
Data science and analytics are the two branches of Big Data, the applications and other initiatives of which are expected to make whooping revenue in the next few years. Hence it is imperative that data science and analytics will become a major skill to acquire and hone in order to make the maximum profit out of its demand.

Extended Reality :
Virtual reality or VR and augmented reality or AR have already been extending their influence beyond the realm of entertainment and into the fields of marketing, advertising, healthcare, and manufacturing. Not only does this field, collectively known as extended reality or XR hugely appealing for people interested in programming, but also to those with a creative mindset and keen set of senses. This must have skill is projected to outrun many other technologies in the near future and solidify its position as indispensable in a lot of sectors.

These, in short, are the interesting directions one can explore in the field of technology and reap the benefits of becoming a pro in any of these areas.

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