Missions and Schemes for Skill Development In India – Part 1

India is the land of the brave and young. No matter what the business concern may be we the Indians would be a part of it. Having a huge workforce ensures that we have sufficient hands ready to be trained and deployed no matter what the business requirement may be. Skill development is a global phenomenon, and there is a constant war going on for being more efficient than the other fellow. It is a war which creates good everywhere. Being in the competition is good for everyone it helps us as a nation to develop our youth.


Indian youth is so full of energy, in fact, they are pure raw energy which needs to be tapped. If tapped properly we can have a workforce which is globally competitive and uptake any task of any magnitude. Where we lack is in developing the youth with the right skillset. The government of India has taken this issue seriously and is working actively to train and develop our youth for global competition. Many plans and scheme are enforced by government to achieve scalable skilling which would deliver higher productivity with highest levels of quality. Let us now see some of the schemes that are doing some really good for the Indian population and economy.


DDU-GKY : Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Kaushal Yojana

This is a placement linked skills development scheme aimed at developing the rural youth of India. The scheme has to date taken up 66 special projects. 15 states currently have 5 projects running under this scheme with many such projects being in pipeline. This program funds lots of training programs under various categories. This scheme caters to over 250 trades like Hospitality, Health, Construction, Automotive, Leather, Electrical, Plumbing, Gems and Jewellery, etc etc.


National Employability Enhancement Mission: NEEM Scheme

NEEM scheme is a great initiative by AICTE and Government of India for enhancing skill development. It has an on the job training model. It enables the trainees to go for paid OJT or apprenticeship. This scheme is a great way for trainees to garner essential work skills and get paid at the same time. The hiring party also benefits in a great way. They don’t have to worry about meeting the legal obligations as the trainees are the responsibility of the NEEM Agent. The government here has a provision of appointing NEEM Agents who would take care of every legal obligation and compliance for the hiring company.


Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission – DAY-NULM

The main aim of DAY-NULM is to arm the urban poor household with requisite skill development that they need for a sustainable livelihood. This scheme conducts programs which would enable the urban poor to learn skills which would provide them with regular employment.

Continued in part 2

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