NEEM Scheme to Enhance Professional Skills of Young India

What determines the growth and development of the country? Youth employability is one of the most important indicators of the success of a nation. This is the reason why the Indian government in collaboration with AICTE has taken up an excellent initiative to train the young people in such a way so that they become competent in the job market and secure their position without facing any impediment.

How was the NEEM scheme conceived?
In Germany, the Dual Vocational Education System combines classroom learning with hands-on learning for giving the young workforce an upper hand in their professional front. This not only enables them to receive the education but also provide the necessary working experience along with an in-depth of their trade. This system has become quite effective and popular for which it is adopted in many Asian and European countries. India is not an exception to this and the conception of NEEM scheme is one such endeavor on the part of the government. It is earn while you learn scheme where the young students receive practical training along with academic sessions and other trainee welfare benefits.

How NEEM Scheme is helping to boost the professional skills of young Indians?
The NEEM Scheme is developed in partnership with some of the big names in the industry so that it can boost the rate of employability among the young Indians. It is developed with the aim of developing employability skills with the help of practical training while being on the job. It is a unique endeavor by the government of India and the AICTE. This scheme will enhance the employability of the young minds of the nation so that they can work and earn as per their merit and ability.

What are the benefits of NEEM scheme for the industry?
The most remarkable benefit of NEEM scheme is that it offers training in a variety of streams and the duration of the course range from one to three year. The program is customized as per the requirements of the industry. It leads to the development of multiple skills among young people and the module is so presented that it has room for evaluation, mentoring and monitoring of the trainees before offering certification. The industry receives a steady pool of talent and also offers an added advantage of the scalability of manpower which is not just competent but compatible with the requirements of the industry. Some of the most common areas that are popular among the trainees include the food industry, electrical and electronic parts, tool cutting, aerospace, oil refinery, glass, infrastructure, machine tools, CNC machining, and automobile parts.

When the NEEM scheme has so many positive things to offer, none can ever deny its effectiveness. Also, the trainees will get a stipend while receiving the training which helps in boosting their morale as well. To conclude, the NEEM scheme is actually incubating the powerhouse of talent and skill which are waiting to be utilized by the industry.

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