NEEM Trainee and Indian IT Sector | NEEM Trainee Benefits for the sector

This article will serve as a little informative piece on how the Indian IT Sector can be benefitted by engaging NEEM Trainee.

The great Indian IT sector is pegged to be around 180 billion USD. It is one the most promising export centric Industry of the country.India has produced some giant software super powers which are globally acclaimed. Like any other Industry in the country, the Software industry is also plagued by the menace of skills shortage. You see the software industry is highly dependent upon global demand of skills. Till now let us say we have been doing pretty good on that front. However, owing to our education system which generally evolves slower than its global counterparts the Indian software work force seems to be lagging behind in meeting the demands of global markets for latest technology.

Indian software and IT industry despite of having some negative overall aura in the current year, sill happens to be strong on the hiring front. The biggest challenge that the sector faces today is upgrading the skills of the existing workforce and at the same time developing fresh manpower according to their needs.

The demand of the clients is changing

Anyways the global software market is a highly dynamic market and is ever evolving.  The market is embracing the new technology with open arms and the clients are demanding development on the latest platforms. This has added additional pressure on the Indian IT Companies. The skills development challenge in front of them is very real. Its also a matter of concern.

Cost of reskilling is going to be high, but reskilling cannot be ignored all together. However in addition to reskilling we also need to train the young entrants with the latest technology. If a fresh engineer goes for acquiring the latest skills in software development it would cost him a lot. So what could be the solution to this?

IT Sector for NEEM Trainee?

The solution to this issue lies in a pioneering scheme launched together by GOI and AICTE. Its called the NEEM Scheme. This scheme provides real time and live OJT for NEEM Trainees. The software companies can hire NEEM Trainee from a NEEM Agent. The NEEM Trainee here gets benefited by getting cutting edge technology training with out paying anything or signing a bond. On the contrary the NEEM Trainee gets a decent stipend while he is learning the skills. The IT companies benefit by get a more efficient  and trainable work force without any liabilities. All the hiring and training liabilities are borne by the NEEM agent.

To conclude the article we would say that the Indian IT companies should utilise the NEEM Scheme to the maximum.

Where can I apply to become a NEEM Trainee for Software Companies ?

In order to get an apprenticeship in IT Sector as a NEEM Trainee, we would suggest that you contact

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