State of Indian Economy : 2018, A review

India has witnessed some of the major economic reforms in the past 2 years. We all know it began with demonetization. Then came the GST. And the long-festering Twin Balance Sheet (TBS) problem was decisively addressed by sending the major stressed companies for resolution under the new Indian Bankruptcy Code and implementing a major recapitalization package

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Market Challenges In India

India is the land of the great. Since time immemorial this land has something which the entire globe wants. Think about it, just dig in to the history of India and you would know that India as a country has never been poor. We had trade and culture when western countries were still living in

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7 Things you didn’t know about National Employability enhancement mission! Part 1

7 Things that you didn’t know about National Employability Enhancement Mission. Our website is almost like an encyclopedia about national employbility enhancement mission, better known as NEEM Scheme. Today we would make our readers and subscribers know about some unique features of this great initiative. 1.Public Private Partnership National  employbility enhancement mission is a pioneering

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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About skills ! Part two

  As an continuation to our previous post, here is the second and the final post of the series.   Skills Development is Expensive: Bet you have heard this one. Dont go for skills development it is expensive to implement. Hire people with experience. Well according to us, this cant be even remotely near to the

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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About skills ! Part one

  Seeking Advise is a Good Habit, But Make sure that you use logic while applying it!   When it comes to Industrial competition, we know the stakes are always high and life is full of pressure. This is the time when the person sitting at the decision making profile feels the heat and seeks

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Definition NEESA ?

NEESA is defined as national employability enhancement scheme through apprenticeship. Its an extension term to NEEM Scheme. Its a part of a pioneering initiative taken by the government of India towards creating a  better national skilled work force.

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Why most of the Engineers in India are unemployed?

  We produce the maximum number of engineers in the world, yet there is a problem !   According  to  a report, prepared by Aspiring Minds titled “Aspiring Minds National Employability Report” over 80 per cent of the engineering students are “unemployable,” as they seem to lack the skills for their jobs. It highlights the need for

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Why you shouldn’t eat skills development in India?

All our blog posts have been pretty serious and formalish to date. We thought why not add a punch of humor for a change. As humans, we are emotional creatures and its good to have a mix of both humor and seriousness in our sanity mix in order to understand the issue. The topic “why you

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How companies can get a better work force through NEEM Scheme

Everybody needs a better workforce. Who can deny the fact that it’s the people who build the companies and not the machines? Having a motivated workforce is something that has become crucial to a business. The government of India Initiatives like NEEM Scheme is helping many industries achieve a better-skilled manpower for themselves. A question

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