Why develop Skills?

Skill Development is crucial towards developing the country’s economy as well as job opportunities. The Indian education system will not be very effective for making our youth employable, according to the industry demand statistics. Creating a livelihood for youth through job creation or self-employment could be the critical need of the hour. National Employability Report

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Skill development in India

India’s evolution to a knowledge-based economy requires an innovative new breed of educated and skilled people. Until unless we are innovative there is no chance that we can grow. Its competitive advantage will be dependant on its citizen’s power to create, share, and employ skills properly. A knowledge-driven economy requires, India to build up professionals—knowledge

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Benefits of Skill Development & programs like NEEM Scheme

As we all know that skill development training is  tough to implement and a serious program. However it is beneficial for increasing the talent of the youth and boost their productive work morale, therefore different kinds  schemes of which NEEM scheme is one are floated to achieve the base skills set that are required to

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Missions and Schemes for Skill Development In India – Part 2

Continuation post to Missions and Schemes for Skill Development In India Part 1 Here we bring to our readers the next part of our previous post. Missions and Schemes for Skill Development In India Director General of Training – Modular Employable Skills – DGT-MES Ministry of labor along with the government of India has in synergy

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Why do we need NEEM Scheme?

This one is actually going to be a short write up. This question came to our minds, that why do we actually need things or schemes like NEEM Scheme. Well, we need to have proactive schemes like these because we have a huge nation with a very huge population. This population is pretty hungry for growth.

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The Indian Human Resource Scene| What Needs To be done?

India is a human resource powerhouse. We all know that India has a huge population. Most of them are young and willing to work. This makes the field of human resources more sought after than ever before. We need to really focus on developing the human resources as a science. The skill gap is a

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Skills Gap in Indian Tourism Industry NEEM Scheme

Skills Gap in Indian Tourism Industry | NEEM Scheme

India is a land of wonders, The land mass is huge and India is home to almost every kind of environment and climate. We have snow-capped mountains, vast deserts, and lush green jungles. The country has huge potential for tourism, and in fact, India attracts lots of domestic and global tourist annually. There are various kinds

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