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Denis Waitley has evaluated winners for years together and detected the secret that worked behind the success of super performers. He realized that it is not just the blend of fortune, talent or hard work that comes into play. Success is primarily dependent on the mindset of people and that determines whether they are going to fail or succeed. 

There are times when we feel stuck but the positive factor here is that everyone faces such kind of a situation at some point or the other. So you are not alone and there is nothing to panic. The road to success is filled with dark tunnels, roadblocks, and pitfalls. And we have collected some of the most pertinent quotes to remind you of your inner strength and wisdom to guide you through.

  • Leave the limitations behind: “It’s not what you think you are” 

When you are willing to become the person who you have dreamt of, you will first have to leave the shell where you are currently staying. If you are not a believer that you can impact change, it will not be possible to see the scopes as well. And if you set boundaries for yourself, you can never cross it. So, you must forget who you were and start working on how you want to see yourself.

  • Mindset is crucial: “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Though having a positive attitude wouldn’t work like a magic potion, but having a bad attitude will only drag you backward. You cannot allow yourself to become your foe and therefore, work on developing a positive attitude so that your mind can become your greatest ally ever.

  • It’s merely an act of balance: “You must look within for value, but look beyond for perspective.”

Though it is easier to say this than actually doing it, it is always difficult to find the things that are to be done and holding the treasures worth keeping. But when you are capable of doing it, only you will have a life that you have always dreamt of. The true reward of success can be found in the journey or the process than the actual culmination.

  • Words are worth keeping: “Losers make promises that they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep.” 

When you don’t take yourself seriously or when you are not aware of your value, only then will you take the risk of breaking your promises. It is always important to do good but making good out of your promises makes you a good individual. You should always want to become a person who one looks up to rather than becoming someone who always lets others down. 

  • Finding the critical life principles: “Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and remove yourself from the unacceptable.”

Life never leaves any scope to surprise you and in bitter times, it actually shocks you. The mantra here is to keep it simple. Keep up the standards of your act by clarifying at every moment on how you should act and live your life by your own principles. 

  • Life is not always about earning money: “Chase your passion and not your pension.”

Nobody has ever felt guilty or regretted at the fact that they have spent less time in their workplace. But people do feel bad when they think that they haven’t persuaded their dream. You must know that it is you who’s dreams and aspirations should matter to you. And you must ensure that you are well aware of what you are pursuing.

  • Knowing the rules of life: “There are two primary choices in life. To accept the conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility of changing them.

You will have to either accept what is available to you or create what you want to. You can either surrender to the whims of the society or bring about change for yourself and like-minded people. But you should be aware of your boundaries and know how to respect them.

  • Allowing the imagination to guide you through your creation: “When you visualize, then you materialize.”

Think of any successful person- it all began with a dream and it never let them sleep until they achieved what they wanted to.

  • Use the gifts you have and gift yours to others: “The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

You should teach your children of your students and to the society at large to be able to fulfill the responsibilities while allowing them to exercise their freedom. 

  • Life is a tricky game and you must know to play it well: “Success in life comes from holding a good hand, but playing a poor hand well.”

It goes without saying that all hands do not receive fair or even treatment. But the best part of modern society is that we are now armed with the power to alter society for better. The opportunities are rising and if you think you don’t have the perfect hand, you can still play well from now onwards so that you can smoothly land to the next level. When you pay attention to the entire process, you can ultimately win the entire race and celebrated as a successful individual.

Denis Waitley is probably the most relevant guide that the USA has ever produced. He has trained some of the most successful people around the globe and through these quotes, he teaches us to be most successful by stretching our tenacity even in the face of hostilities.

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