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IBM has recently announced that it will be training 2 lakh women in STEM skills. For those who are not aware STEM stands for Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics. This is a really welcome and appreciated move by IBM. It becomes more special as they have pledged to train women in these latest and most sought after skill sets. The company in an official statement has said that this will be a 3 year long project, and they would be partnering with respective state governments to increase the participation of girls and women.

IBM on monday has signed agreements with the state of Telengana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and has plans to take this program to other states in the coming few months. Its no secret that technologies like AI & Cloud computing are really catching up and we need more and more skilled manpower to meet up with the global competition. These technologies have also increased the demand of highly qualified and skilled manpower.

India has long been taunted for not doing enough for its women workforce. This recent effort by IBM is surely going to change things for good.

The company said its commitment in India comes as part of a multipronged global initiative to close the STEM skills gap and prepare the workforce worldwide for “new collar careers” and the collaboration with states to train women is one of the several initiatives announced at the IBM India Skills Forum in New Delhi on Monday.

Source ET

We sincerely believe that each and every company in India should come up with such programs. We need to break the stereotype that is associated with the women population of our country.

Gender disparity is a big issue when it comes to employment in India.

Gender disparity is really a social issue in India and its everywhere. Current scope of article is constrained to skills development and work, hence we would be focusing only on that.

Quick Fact: Despite same qualifications, Indian men get 30% more pay than women

Construction is the highest paying sector for women in rural areas while mining and quarrying is the highest paying sector for men, the data show

Source: Business Standard

Now this is the major issue, even if women have same qualification and skills still they are being paid less. One reason could be less share of voice of women workforce. We need to train and develop skills of more women so that they can be equally represented in the society and at the workplace.

We cannot and just cannot rely solely on the government to work on it. To be very frank and truthful government has already framed many good policies. Now its time for the private players to take initiative and get into the action. After all having latest skills in your team is good business. As an endnote we would say that we highly appreciate the efforts of IBM India . We really hope that everyone learns something good from them.

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