Skills Development For Indian Tourism Sector

The hospitality and tourism sector of the country has emerged as one of the finest drivers of economic growth in the country. Tourism in India has an accountable consideration for the rich cultural as well as historical heritage, varying terrains, ecology and spellbinding natural beauty spread all over the country. Tourism is also a potentially huge generator of employment along with earning significant amount of foreign exchange for the nation. The growth of the tourism sector is further supported by the NEEM sector, an initiative taken by the government in collaboration with AICTE. It is a training scheme meant for providing professional job training and the right skill sets required by the concerned industry.

Here are some of the ways in which NEEM scheme assists the skill development for tourism sector in India.

An increase in productivity: The NEEM scheme aids the trainees to be more productivity by using the specific skills and expertise concerned with the tourism sector. It also teaches the trainees to be wise and mature with respect to their work and this ultimately helps to boost the productivity and increase the profitability of the tourism industry. It cannot be denied that the NEEM scheme improves the product and service quality along with the performance of the employee.

Satisfaction in the job sector: The apprenticeship program of the NEEM scheme helps the employees to get an upper hand in their chosen sector and surges their confidence level as well. This scheme is very useful in increasing the growth rate of any company by training the employees with the latest skills and techniques that are relevant in the tourism sector.

Development of man power: The needs and requirements of an industry change from time to time and tourism industry is not an exception to this. The NEEM scheme drives opportunities and scope for developing the skills of the manpower as per the latest trends of the industry. This paves the way for sustaining improved work culture within the business.

Proper course of training: NEEM scheme offers professional training in various fields and the span of course varies between 3 months and 36 months. And proper training along with work experience are invaluable for the growth and development of the trainee as well as the company at large. The perspective of the scheme is to bring home progressive improvements together with acceptance in the respective industries.

Quality maintenance: The constant supply of skilled and expert workforce allows the company as well as the whole industry to maintain quality in terms of products and services. Also, since there is no shortage of skillful labour, the tourism industry can experience consistent growth.

The main motive of the NEEM scheme is to provide skilled workforce in the various sectors across the country. The success of the scheme has led the government to announce the inception of NAP or National Apprenticeship Promotion for the apprentices in the country. And Rs. 10,000 crore has also been earmarked for the same. Besides, the union government has decided to offer Rs. 32000 crore for developing the skills of the young minds in the coming 3 years. The collaboration of government and the various industries in the country is definitely playing a huge role in solving numerous issues like skill deficiency, poor economic growth, slow career development, low enterprise satisfaction and productivity. The growth of various industries through the NEEM scheme has played a huge role in testifying the success of the scheme and therefore, the government and the union is taking another step in boosting the growth and productivity of the nation through the introduction of other training strategies.

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