The Indian Human Resource Scene| What Needs To be done?

India is a human resource powerhouse.

We all know that India has a huge population. Most of them are young and willing to work. This makes the field of human resources more sought after than ever before. We need to really focus on developing the human resources as a science. The skill gap is a major issue when it comes to the Indian Human Resources Scenario. There are certain things which really needs to be addressed on priority.

Talent Hunt :

With so many literate youths, and universities producing professionals in millions every year, it is a matter of concern that somewhere down the line we have forgotten to nurture and reward talent. Talent in India has to be hunted. As more emerging and new sectors open up in India finding the right talent for the right job will be an HR skill most sought after.


Most of our youth manpower lack the sufficient skills to cope up with the global competition. Those who are skilled and working have not upgraded or learned anything new in ages. We are still using the age-old methods of production in terms of skills. So developing skills here becomes very essential. Actually, government initiatives like NEEM Scheme are a big boon for resolving this issue.

Flexible Work Arrangements and OJT :

The Indian youth needs to be kept comfortable while they learn new skills. They need to be treated with respect and an environment that is conducive for growth has to be provided. Hence providing on the job training and flexible working schedules will be a must. This will also enable the youth to balance work and life in a better way.

Community Building:

A sense of belongingness and purpose has to be seeded in the working class. This enhances the motivation to work. Once a worker is motivated he would go miles and miles to make things work. It also means that the confidence and happiness levels of people have to be maintained. Confidence comes from knowledge and skills. Hence the importance of skills development cannot be ignored and overemphasized more. We need to produce an army of skilled workers who can take any global business challenge. Initiatives like NEEM Scheme is doing a great work in this domain. The workers are earning and motivated to achieve as they get the right environment and skills which promises a better future.

There are certainly more issues like compliance and adherence to HR norms which also needs to be addressed. We will be discussing the same in future.

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