The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About skills ! Part two


As an continuation to our previous post, here is the second and the final post of the series.


Skills Development is Expensive: Bet you have heard this one. Dont go for skills development it is expensive to implement. Hire people with experience. Well according to us, this cant be even remotely near to the truth. Developing skills is done to meet your specific requirement which anyways is not available in the market. With skills development you show to your team that you care. Loyalty and respect cant be bought off the shelf you have to earn it. This is the thing which builds confidence in the team. Coming to the expense part. If you go with NEEM Scheme then its the cheapest and the most efficient skills development program in the nation. You only pay the minimum wages for the best motivated and trainable manpower. Consult with us now.


Shelf life of skills development is low: Well this thing is said on the premise that what if you train a set of manpower, investing time and money and by the time they are ready to work the skills learned become redundant. This just never happens. Even if it happens there is a very quick remedy to it. See, you have pool of people who are motivated and eager to contribute to the cause. They have learned the new skills and want to be a part of your company. So if a contingency arises they would again be willing to learn new things and be productive. Motivation is the key to all human en-devours. Without motivation nothing moves and nothing works. So dont go by the rumors that skills development is a risky business. It is not and in fact it is the wisest investment that you can make for your human resources. Always remember, its not the quantity but the quality that matters.

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