Top 10 NEEM Scheme Benefit for Industry

Top 10 NEEM Scheme Benefit for Industry

NEEM or National Employment Enhancement Mission is a collaborative initiative taken by the government of India with AICTE. NEEM is a skill development program which is impacting positively to help idle youth earning skilled hands and meaning employment. NEEM Scheme is programmed in union with the profession job training, providing the industry with the right skill they require.

Here are the top benefits of NEEM for the Industries: Creates more employment opportunity, Master Skills that will help earn employment: NEEM Scheme is providing an opportunity to learn meaningful skills and earn employment to the youths in the concerned industries.

  1. Increase Productivity: The NEEM Scheme helps the trainees to be more productive. Getting skilled with the respective skills in their trades that improve efficiency. NEEM Scheme comes with guiding with professional training to be a smart hand to the company. It also helps the trainee to become mature, wise and skilled with respect to the work. This ultimately focuses to increase their productivity and shortly the company’s profitability. It improves the final product quality and performance of the employee.
  2. Job Satisfaction: While earning skills and getting upper hand efficient result, employee boosts the confidence in them with the apprenticeship program. NEEM Scheme serves as the best opportunity for the respective people to improve the growth rate of the company with the latest skills.
  3. Mastering Required Skill: Helps the idle Indian youths to get well with the professional training and the latest technology along with mastering the required skill.
  4. Confidence Boost: Improves the competence and ability to stand with a quality product, improved efficiency, performance and clear motto of the company.
  5. Develop Own Manpower: Drive opportunities to develop your own skilled manpower according to the need and requirement of the industry. Building skills also help to sustain better work culture in the office.
  6. Perform Social Activities: Taking proper care of health, safety, and welfare of the trainees will add the reputation of the company and also them in maintaining their CSR status as well.
  7. Time-Period Training: NEEM serves the professional training for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 36 months. Though the training must be NSQF compliant. Valuable work experience of these company leads to better job and career opportunity with progressive improvements and acceptance by the industries.  
  8. Maintain Quality: With a constant supply of skilled manpower, companies can maintain their quality in terms of services & production.
  9. Consistent Growth: With no shortage of labor in required skills, industries can enjoy consistent growth with the help of their own manpower.
  10. Advance Future Planning: With a constant supply of skilled manpower, companies can plan their future plan in advance and can start work upon them early.  They do not need to spend extra money on hiring new people, as they already have their own manpower.

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