Upcoming Challenging Skills Required in the Pharma Sector of India

Pharma Sector in any country is a relatively stable sector. As with every stable sector, the growth slows down a little after a long time. The same thing has happened with the Indian Pharma Sector in the last few years. Growth was comparatively lower than was expected. A want of organized skilled workforce has led to the bankruptcy of the industry.

In recent times, the pharma industry is gaining its glory. With the government introducing new schemes, the pharma sector is set to develop at a rapid pace. But the challenges lying ahead are many. One such arena is the lack of updated skill sets among the workers working in the Industry.

The existing skill sets in the workers are outdated. Some of them update knowledge and keep abreast of the progressing trends. That is why there are a few who could be termed as experts and it is they who serve the industry.

While this should not go on in an important sector like the pharma sector, it requires a major overhaul so that the whole medical industry gets a boost in becoming in the same page with its foreign counterparts.

•    Manufacturing skills and R & D

The skill of manufacturing new innovative medicines will come handy if the manufactured medicines get inclusion in the NLEM list. With the government introducing Medicare, the skill of manufacturing low-cost medicines will come of immense help.

•    Marketing Skills

Marketing is an integral part of any business. It is already evident from the dominance of digital marketing in the arena of medicine industry that the upcoming challenges are many and we need to be prepared for a revolutionary surge of innovative models in the industry.

•   IT Skills

Young India nowadays orders everything online. There is no exception in the pharma industry. People are ordering medicines, consulting doctors online. So, having Information technology skills is a great advantage for a prospective worker.

•    Knowledge of Regulatory Laws

A person with a thorough knowledge of regulatory laws in the pharma sector can have a bright career as the regulator or controller. She might have opportunities in the KPOs and law firms.

•    Testing and Analysis

With a new concept of generic drugs, there will be a need of professionals in testing and analyzing the newly formed medicines for the new generation.

•    Analytical Skill

With the industry nearing a major overhaul analytical skill will be a must required one in the field. The new trends that are about to come need to be read early and effectively.

How NEEM Has the Ultimate Answer

NEEM can be the ultimate answer to the many challenges lying outside for the pharma industry. This innovative initiative of the Central Government of India mainly focuses on imparting world-class training to the youth of India. By registering with NEEM abbreviation of National Employment Enhancement Mission, the youth of India can garner the required skills in the pharma industry and can serve the sector efficiently. The nominal fee the scheme requires is very helpful for the Pharma industry. This laudable approach of the government can train a lot of youth of India on a large scale so that they are able to meet the growing demands.

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