Upskilling country’s youth will open new doors for the economy : CyberSecurity

New Professional skills that India needs to develop after lockdown ends


The cybersecurity industry is facing a terrible skill shortage. For years, organizations have been trying to address the extreme disparity in the cybersecurity workforce by recruiting info-security professionals who could save the organization from the concerns of a cyber attack. The cybersecurity professionals are endowed with the perfect skillset to evade any major damage due to a probable cyber attack. But their recruitment process is painfully laborious, just like their training and the hiring procedure. As a result, more than 51% of the organizations are vulnerable to a cyber attack within the course of the next 12 months that could leave them in shambles.

Organizations are trying to find a solution by tracing the root of the problem. While some think that AI could be a potential solution, others feel that recruitment could solve the problem. Others think that introducing cybersecurity in the curriculum at a young age would help the organizations to fill in their ranks. But it will take a long time to execute that properly. Thus, one of the most viable options is upskilling the country’s youth. 

What kind of challenges do organizations face?

Skill gap resulting from education:

Organizations encounter a number of challenges while addressing the skill gap that has increased extensively over the years. Hiring staff with the ideal technical skills can be really tough because of the disconnect between formal education and the current industrial scenario.

By the time a curriculum is established, the requirements of the industry change and therefore institutions should emphasize more on providing more profound levels of education. It will improve the basic skill level of the students and make them more endowed as future cybersecurity professionals that can add value to the concerned organizations. 

Competition within the industry:

The organizations in search of a more potent skillset in a cybersecurity professional are competing with their industry rivals to recruit them anyhow. But this is just increasing the skill gap further by creating a disparity between demand and supply. It is because along with the industry conglomerates, government agencies, consultancies and vendors are all pursuing adequately skilled cybersecurity professionals for their own advantage. 

Dilemma concerning skill development:

Organizations believe that skill development is the responsibility of individuals rather than the organizations themselves. Since investing in upskilling initiatives for their employee’s witnesses organizations spending a lot, while amplifying the marketability of these employees, it is often assumed that they are the ones who need it more. 

Upskilling initiatives to fill in the ever-increasing skill gap in the cybersecurity sector:


Training options:

The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme has been developed in conjunction with private organizations and government agencies to boost market-friendly skills in youth who are equipped with basic education. The enhancement of real-time cybersecurity skills will benefit future employees as well as organizations. The National Employment Enhancement Mission has proved to be smooth access for the youths with the requisite cybersecurity skills to transcend to the industrial sector. 

Learning systems:

The innovation of the advanced learning systems and the implementation of automation is meant to improve the skill training of the qualified youth to develop them into competent professionals. Organizations should also provide adequate rewards in the form of incentives to their future employees that would increase the lucrativeness of the field and encourage the influx of talent. 


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