Why develop Skills?

Skill Development is crucial towards developing the country’s economy as well as job opportunities. The Indian education system will not be very effective for making our youth employable, according to the industry demand statistics. Creating a livelihood for youth through job creation or self-employment could be the critical need of the hour. National Employability Report 2014 determined that from the six lakh engineers that graduate annually, only 18.43% are employable when it comes to software engineer-IT services role. These statistics show there is the disparity in supply and demand of labor because of the lack of technical and soft skills; India’s youth have more theoretical knowledge than working experience.

With the aim of making India the skill capital of this world, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is targeting for skilling/up-skilling 400 million people in India by 2022. By providing intensive exposure and awareness, there’s been an improvement in youth opting for skill training. However, even today, every parent wants their child to receive an official education and a beneficial job in an average office setting.

Yes. Today’s major concern is that formal education will not provide suitable skills to create candidates employable. There is a large requirement of skilled manpower. The main element would be to skill today’s youth, possible through vocational education. Earning a livelihood through a skill would be a means of life.

Indian youth needs a direction. These are generally hardworking and tend to be prepared to innovate and venture into new territories. What exactly is required is proper guidance, counselling and streamlining of these thoughts and enthusiasm in the right direction. Plenty of initiatives are now being taken up to create awareness and our youth is positively responding to them. For example, there was an increase in how many women taking part in tailoring and beauty related courses.

Whenever we compare the percentage of formally skilled workforce globally, India scores the smallest amount of at 2% against Korea (96%), Japan (80%), Germany (75%), UK (68%) and China (40%). India has tremendous potential to enhance skill-based understanding how to not just cater to domestic workforce requirements but also to serve as a very good manpower hub globally.

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