Why do we need Vocational Training in India?

Why do we need Vocational Training in India

In developing countries like India, we require skilled workers in abundance for the overall industrial growth. However, in our countries scenario, what is happening is just the opposite of what we require right now. The number of unskilled workers in the employable age group is increasing day by day which is creating a crowd of people who cannot be employed profitably due to their untrained skills. There exists a dire urge for Vocation Training in our country which can turn this unemployable crowd into properly skilled workers.

Why Do We Need Vocational Training?

  • It increases the labor productivity: The productivity of an unskilled worker can be multiplied several times just by providing him with proper vocational training. It does not only benefits the worker by providing him with an increment in his overall wages but also benefits the employer due to increased productivity of the employee. Skilled employees reduce the number of ma hours required to fulfill one task and also bring an increase in the quality of work performed.
  • Provides expertise for attaining a comfortable job: Vocational Training such training programs which can allow the person to apply to jobs which in return provide a comfortable working environment and suitable payouts. The person no more needs to work day and night to get minimal wages in return. By attaining expertise in any of the desired fields such as computer programming, machine handling, etc., the person becomes capable of applying to reputable jobs which pays back good and provides him with a better working environment.
  • It increases employment opportunities: The person in need of a suitable job can undergo vocational training in the field which has high demand in the current industry and is providing good opportunities to the person acquiring the aforesaid skills. Learning the skills which are currently under demand opens up a number of well-paying opportunities for the person
  • It generates a professional workforce, matching the International Standards: Vocational training generates a workforce which can meet all the professional requirements of the aforesaid industry and is well equipped with the required knowledge. Also, knowing the international quality standards and working as per the set standards of production, safety, etc. are highly required to work in bigger corporate giants. Also, undergoing vocational training also opens up several gateways for the people to apply to international firms and companies working in the country as well as in the foreign.
  • Vocational Training can bridge the gap between the skilled and the unskilled: The difference in the wages and the working hours of the skilled and the unskilled workers in any of the industry are clearly noticeable. The unskilled workers have to work day and night to fulfill their daily needs, whereas, the skilled workers are privileged with all the facilities that an employee must attain such as the medical, proper working hours, and well-maintained working conditions. Proper vocational training programs can actually help to eradicate this gap and provide all the workers with equal wages and facilities. In turn, this also increases the overall production and quality of work, and the number of man-hours required which in turn benefits the employer too.

Why Should People Opt For Vocational Training Courses?

With people becoming more and more concern about their future plans and career aspects with the help of information technology. Vocational courses are in the demand for so long because they prepare students to take on upcoming responsibilities in the job profile & their targeted market. Vocational courses added relevant & required skills in individuals so that they can excel in a specific trade.

In the current time, hundreds of schools, institutes, and vocational training agencies provide meaningful & in-demand vocational courses such as beauty courses, Hardware courses, electrician courses, and foreign language courses. These Institutes provide so many extra activities including a different type of training, practical workshops, professional guidance and lot more. These vocational courses assist students to make their professional career secure and avoid unemployment situations. Unemployment was never taken so seriously until the global recession struck. The global economic slowdown saw millions of people lost their job or switched in totally different vertical. Vocational training courses are the basic steps towards success and they should be taken at the right time. It can range from beauty courses to the food sector, interior design to media and from hospitality to tourism.

With so much technical advancements now so many institutes are offering the courses in online mode as well. Beauty and hospitality sector is the hottest sector and in high demand. Facility management is also one of the emerging sectors which have a great potential for the students and job seekers. In the FMS sector, there are plenty of streams in which one can pursue their career.

If you are good in management skills, then FMS is a sector can provide you great opportunities. These vocational training courses will allow you to understand the basic requirements to get in this sector. With the ever-growing infrastructure demand, FMS sector has the right scope and people should look towards this course as a great medium and tool to launch their career.

With modern technologies keeps the facility management sector changing at a fast speed, FMS providers also need to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and products. One can use the online resources to study and research all about the new FMS verticals in the market and the latest technologies in the arena of facility management.

CLR Skills has not only been helping out a number of underpaid unskilled workers throughout the country to acquire skills training but also helping out the country by providing them with well trained and skilled workers which can actually increase the productivity of the industry and bring about an overall growth in the nation’s industrial scenario. You can get detailed information about CLR Skills as well as the NEEM Scheme at https://blog.clrskills.com/. You can avail our services and bring about a change in the nation’s industrial environment. We work really hard to develop highly skilled professionals and wish to finish the huge gap lingering in between the skilled and the unskilled workers in our country.

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