Why on the job training is the need of the hour?

Why do we need to train people to work for us?

Well, the answer to this question would have two perspectives. One from the employer’s point of view and another from the employee’s point of view. We will make a sincere attempt at answering both the angles.

Now everywhere we read about this topic, you would see the benefits for the employees coming first, but today we will start with the people who are going to hire.

Does it really matter? Yes it Does !

As an employer or should we say as an industrial employer, you would already be aware of the importance of having the right workforce. See the bottom line here is that until unless you have the right team on your side, all your efforts will amount to nothing. This tussle of striking the perfect skill sets synergy with the organizational goals is never-ending. Those who are managing the human resources of manufacturing industries know very well how difficult it is to manage things.

Firstly, there is always the issue of lack of skills, secondly its very difficult to retain skilled labor in India. Yes, we do have a huge issue of employee attrition. Thirdly the evergreen labor union and labor laws are something which we even won’t start discussing in this article.

Providing for jobs in this country or for that matter in any nation is a complex issue. So, what can ease this business challenge? , OJT or on the job training. Although many companies have been going for this mode of hiring and developing manpower on a smaller scale. It has been recently taken care off by Government of India. In a pioneering scheme called NEEM Scheme, the government of India has enabled the agencies to cater for OJT manpower. What good does it do for the industries?

Well for starters, the cost of hiring and acquisition is reduced marginally as getting the trainees on board is done by an authorized agent. Secondly, there is not regulating laws like labor laws or any other financial implications coming towards the Hiring company here. They only have to take care of the stipends and the work environment.Since the trainees are prescreened so it becomes much easier to put an additional filter on the candidates. The best part you as an employer get to choose whom to keep and whom to let go. There is also no issues of labor unions.

Now coming to the other end of the spectrum. What good does OJT or things like NEEM Scheme do to the trainees? Well, It does create employment for them, that’s the obvious answer.Apart from gainful employment, these candidates get a chance at learning and acquiring cutting-edge professional skills, which otherwise would not have been possible for them to acquire. Yes, initiatives like NEEM Scheme are providing costly training for free of cost. In fact, a person undergoing OJT actually gets paid for it.

They also learn the work etiquettes. The imbibe the core objectives of the company and have a better professional turn out. As an added advantage there is no bondage on continuing with the company after completion of the OJT tenure. If there is a better option then the candidate or the trainee who has now become a professional can always move on. OJT also provides for a superior mental conditioning of the trainee. It is like polishing a diamond. We all know what a polished diamond is worth in the market.

So, concluding our article here OJT always creates a win-win situation for both the parties. This is really the need of the hour for our country which is struggling with the menace of unskilled manpower.

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