Why should more and more Youth try NAPS

The NAPS program was conceived by the Government of India and was put into effect since the 19th of August, 2016 to promote the number of trained and mentored apprentices across the country. 

 With a vision to achieve a number of 50 lakh apprentices in over 40 sectors which include the likes of agriculture, food processing, security, and healthcare; by the end of 2020, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship will work in synergy with the National Skill Development Corporation under the auspices of NAPS. The role of apprenticeship training has become extremely crucial for the expansion of the national economy by utilizing the previously untapped potential of the youth. 

Different ways in which the Indian Youths can be benefited by the implementation of NAPS :

  • Boosting the number of skilled apprentices: The NAPS was initiated with the objective of producing a significant number of trained apprentices whose potential could be successfully utilized in various industrial sectors. With the current statistics showing an acutely disturbing image of just 2.3 lakh apprentices employed in various industries, the NAPS program has taken a pledge to create an ambitious number of 1.2 crore skilled apprentices armed with market-relevant skills. The increment in the number of trained apprentices would undeniably augment the productivity of the industries.
  • Providing apprenticeship training through various means for different industries: The NAPS program has been instrumental in using the NSDC as well as the MSDE to provide necessary training to the youth by focusing its resources like manpower and capital. The Skill Connect roadshow is to make the youth aware of employable opportunities that might spring if they are to undergo this mentorship program. The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna, Udaan, and International Skill Training are three crucial flagship programs that are meant to provide short term skill development courses for the youth. By early 2019, near about 109950 students have been coached with skill development regimes under these sectors.
  • Obtaining On-the-job skill courses and practical training: The youths of India are fortunate to get on-the-job skill development courses which are provided in conjunction with the German development agency called GIZ. This hands-on practical knowledge is essential for providing the youths with basic information and refining their work ethics on how to operate successfully at future workplaces.
  • Furnishing skill development programs for the marginalized youth population of Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern states: The Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern states are generally home to much turmoil and political discord. Therefore the Government has particularly focused on these territories. Their aim is to address the concerns of the educated unemployed youth of these places and provide them with job opportunities in various industries.
  • Vertical mobility option: The students undergoing apprenticeship training have the option of vertical mobility in the courses, that is they can get promoted to or have access to courses that are ranked above the ones they are pursuing.
  • Reimbursement of Stipends: The industry plays a huge role in the modus operandi of the NAPS scheme. Establishments who are engaging and training apprentices are to be provided with 25% of the apprenticeship training stipends by the government. This financial incentive is particularly crucial to small industries that employ apprentices. Therefore the apprentices are rewarded with stipends from the industries as well as the Central Government.
  • Apprenticeship training management and employment status: The entire management and monitoring of the apprenticeship training procedure including registration, engagement of apprentices, provision of reimbursements and employment status is made accessible to the industrial giants through the online portal called www.apprenticeshipindia.org . Hence the youth are benefited because they can be picked up by interested industries who wish to employ them in the core of their operations.
  • Multidisciplinary training: The youths have nothing to worry about because the NAPS scheme is meant for innumerable disciplines spread across technical and non-technical courses. Hence the aspiring youth can get any type of skill developed in his preferred course and get employed in his desired professional field.
  • Ease of eligibility options: The eligibility criteria to undergo apprenticeship training is extremely lenient and is thus helpful to youths in concern. Any physically capable youth who is above 14 years of age and has minimum educational qualification for the particular trade he is interested in, can enroll for apprenticeship training under the auspices of NAPS.

Thus it is implied that more and more youths should go for apprenticeship training under NAPS if they wish to give flight to their dreams and aspirations of being employed in their preferred job roles in industries.

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