Why skills development is more relevant post lockdown

Why skills development is more relevant post lockdown

For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic has put a pause on our known world. Government is putting on restrictions and all the luxuries are gone away from our lives temporarily. Before this COVID-19 shook us off our positions, we lived a bust life and longed for some free time. At present our level of working might vary, but everyone would agree that now we are getting more time to introspect than ever. Now, we are compelled to live in the present and be preoccupied with our thoughts. As a result we are presented with an invaluable scope for learning some new skills.

 Even the top notch companies are suggesting their staffs to take up a new hobby or skill with so much time in hand. Regardless of whether you are a serious sort or looking for some time killing skills, there are online options for everyone. Even the world famous universities like Cambridge and Oxford are offering courses online and you can take them up from a remote location. There are also a number of adult education courses given by renowned experts from various fields which can be studied from all corners of the world.  So here are a few skills that you can think of acquiring:


  1. Literacy on data : In the present world, it’s not the riches that make us rich. The real power lies in data! It is the main driving force of the 4th Industrial Revolution and is highly revered by all companies. When armed with the accurate data, any business will be able to better predict the drawbacks of various disruptions in future. As a result, they can do away with those disturbances and better serve their consumers with the right products list lockdown. Businesses that can understand the shifting needs of consumers are better able to respond to them. But it deserves mention here that all the data that a company acquires is of no use when there is no data literacy. Thus it is one of the most coveted skills worldwide as it enables businesses to make improved decisions. Even if you are not yet employed, data literacy will make you more attractive to your prospective recruiter in the current scenario.
  2. Being tech-savvy : This is a skill that was always much valued. The present pandemic is functioning as a catalyst for speeding up digital transformation in businesses. This is because everyone today is willing to become more and more resilient to such issues that might crop up in the future. Technologies like big data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics are boosting the tenacity of business firms so that they can secure a prime position by exploiting these technologies. It is important that everyone becomes acquainted with these tools and feel comfortable working with them in a post coronavirus world.
  3.  Flexibility : Though this is a proven method in which you can improve your flexibility, it is definitely a valuable skill to possess. This is because it is quite obvious that the way businesses are functioning in the present is bound to change and the COVID-19 has already accelerated it. After everything normalises, the business with the maximum level of adaptability will be able to remain firm in its position with its ability to upgrade itself from time to time and refresh their individual skills.
  4. Skills of coding and other digital marketing strategies : Many organisations all over the world are transforming digitally because of the coronavirus pandemic. So professional skills such as coding, web development, digital marketing and others. People equipped with the knowledge of these are bound to be respected in the modern business environment. It goes without saying that all businesses are digitally dependent in some way or the other. Therefore, if you have skills of coding, you will be on the top of the list of your prospective recruiters. 

    Apart from these other skills that we more or less possess must also be honed. Our natural skills like critical thinking, analytical skills, adaptability and creativity are also much valued. Post lockdown, human ingenuity will be much needed for our normal functioning and this is what is 

    No matter which course or skill you opt for, it is very important for you to love it. This is because be it coding or language learning or being more techy, if the crux of the matter doesn’t attract you, you can never perform much well. Boredom doesn’t go hand in hand with learning new skills. Therefore, if you learn something just because it is in vogue, you will be prone to errors and your productivity will go down. Before you choose, you can always communicate with the tutors and people who have undergone the training before. Knowing their experiences will help you make informed decisions and take up new skills with ease.

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