How Skilled Youth Can Change the Future of India?

India is home to a major share of the world’s population. In reality, here is an immense untapped potential hidden in the form of the youth who can shape the future of the nation. By the year 2020, the total population of India is believed to be 34.33 percent according to the reports of the Central Statistics Office. Given such a whopping workforce, it is very important to have emphasized their skill development along with improving the education facilities.

The current scenario:

India has a huge number of unemployed youth along with thousands of vacancies, but the real problem lies with the issue of skill gap. Today, students are being taught skills that are no longer relevant in the job market. It is one of the most sensitive issues that the youth is facing today and paving the way for the high rate of unemployment. When the students who are freshly entering the workforce, they are bound to complain of the inadequacy of high paying jobs. When the employers are asked, they complain of the inadequacy of skilled manpower. This is perhaps the basis of skill gap in India which can be changed with proper skill development.

Youth being the Forbearer of Nation building:
It is estimated that the present share of youth in India is around 65 crores. A huge number of them are dedicated, capable and are ready to work as well. It is definitely a waste of the national resource when the youth is not given some productive work. The massive manpower of India can do wonders when their energy and enthusiasm is directed towards the right direction. It is important for the national leaders to play the crucial roles into mobilize their abilities and harness it for their individual as well as national development.

Steps for a glorious future:
Building the nation is an enormous task and when it comes to achieving the desired results, it must be done in a number of steps. A number of schemes, programs and projects have been implemented by the government wherein the collective involvement of the will lead to quicker consequences. The youth plays a pivotal role in bringing about a socio-economic regeneration in the country. The youth today, can participate in projects which are aimed at improving both technological and agricultural outputs. They can also be given the work of dissemination of knowledge for the improvement of farming, techniques and use of various elements in different arenas. Skill development is a major concern of our nation today. With the proper skill development techniques, some major goals can be achieved which include youth leadership, youth and cultural awareness and self-employment project among others.

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s driving force. It definitely has some duties and responsibilities towards its motherland. It must not just be restricted to acknowledgement but practicing skill development as well. Contrary to blaming the system, the future generation must come forward and mould the workforce for the benefit of the nation.

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