NEEM Scheme During Tough Business Times

NEEM Scheme is a flagship skill development scheme created jointly by the Government of India and AICTE. It is perhaps one of the best schemes that develop skills of the Indian youth in the OJT mode. A lot of information is available in the public domain and even on our blog for the same. 

Today we would be discussing how the NEEM scheme can help any industrial niche in tough business times. See, skills development is something that needs to be an on-going effort. Let’s look at the phenomenon of business recession or business trouble from a very holistic point of view. Why does a business land up in trouble in the first place?. Its because it cannot beat its competition. This happens due to many reasons, but at the crux of it all is the lack of skills. 

When there are no skills or latest skills in a company then in-efficiency is bound to occur. Your team and your workforce are just not equipped enough to deal with the challenges that the markets are presenting. 

Look at any internationally well-doing company. You would always find them using the latest technology. This technology will also be manned by the best-skilled work-force. Skilling is for every vertical of the company. It’s not just that one would do well by just enhancing the skill sets of their operational department. One has to focus equally on other departments like sales, marketing & HR too. 

How the NEEM Scheme Can Help? 

NEEM Scheme as everyone is aware of is an OJT based skills development program. It can help the Industries by 

  • Improving competence & efficiency of the organization
  • Part of CSR Activity (contributing to the Nation-building through creating skilled manpower)
  • Equal opportunity for constructive education to the underprivileged sector
  • Opportunity to develop your own Skilled Manpower according to your requirements & work culture
  • Clear Legal Structure to take candidates. Train them according to your requirement with no obligation to hire
  • Develop a hierarchy of hiring from the bottom
  • One-stop solution for all national compliance

When the times are tough for business, there comes a situation of survive or perish. Nobody wants to perish and everyone wishes to survive the tough times. The first step in order to bring the business back on track is to fill the skills gap. For that, you would need manpower that can be trained without hassles. NEEM Scheme delivers on just that. You get the best quality manpower without any legal for compliance hassles. All the legal and compliance hassles and formalities are taken care of by NEEM agents. CLR Skills is an NEEM Agent and our readers can get in touch with us to know more about NEEM Scheme. There are no obligation to offer a job to the trainee. The minimum stipend is also pretty much affordable by the companies. All in all its a win-win situation for all the parties. It also helps the Indian youth in enjoying better career opportunities and investing their time and energy in constructive things.

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