New Professional skills that India needs to develop after lockdown ends

New Professional skills that India needs to develop after lockdown ends

The continuous all-India lockdown could be lifted following 21 days, or it may get extended. In case of an extension, the economy will deteriorate, and firms may need to close shop. Here’s the way you can accomplish the growth in your career during the lockdown, as you get ready for things to swing in any case.

If you are bothered about your quick survival in the ongoing national lockdown, then your next concern is the manner in which the lockdown might affect your employer along with your future. A lot of experts, your work will be your main source of earning for a major part of your life and this source seems to be a significant risk in the short to medium duration. If you are not involved with the essential services, you don’t have a lot of work in the times of lockdown, which will lead to anxiety and frustration.

Quick activities

As the lockdown goes on you will start to feel disengaged and insignificant, you will start to get less involved and lessening your employability. Accordingly, you would want to get back to the office and get busy. Set up an active everyday practice to oversee time ideally and get the outcomes you look for. Work diligently and don’t miss the team call every day. Volunteer for extra work and finish the work on time. Next, check the web-based programs on training assigned or offered by your company and allot an hour every day to finish them. You will get to know new techniques and keep your mind occupied and sharp. then, plan and lead web-based training courses on various skillsets for your junior colleagues.


If the lockdown continues for some more time, then make plans for the future accordingly. Initially, together with your making plans for a post-lockdown scenario. How will the market function? What will be the effect on customers and sellers? Will they continue to buy your services, pay you on schedule or keep on serving you? If the pandemic or the impact of the economy is more severe then how will the answers change? Figure out the plans of your team for various situations. Also, use this time of lockdown to scale your business. Research on your competitors, clients, suppliers, key administrators in various organizations by checking various journals, official statements, and financial data. When you come back to work, your knowledge of the market, and how you plan the next move will be vital for your occupation and your company.

Large scale vision

For the greatest advantages to you and your career, just look at yourself. During the lockdown, you have carried on with a totally unique life. You have taken part in online meetings, long-distance collaborations effort, made a large number of calls than earlier, invested more energy in arranging, and less in execution. Your work ethics are not the same and so are your managers. What may have been untouchable to you before is no more so. Just analyze how your old methods of thinking were limiting your success and how you can put into action the new things you learn and the thought process into your work life. And eventually, consider the importance of work for you.

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