The Indian Industrial Work Force and Feel Good Factor

Feel good factor is very important for the development of any Industry

We know that particularly in India there is widespread unemployability amongst the Indian Youth. The reasons are many. In fact, this article is actually not about the menace of unemployability but we have still taken it in the context. The reason is that a man’s life is driven by purpose. In our country, that purpose is pretty much in a confused state. The Indian youth which mind you are plenty in number are suffering due to lack of guidance.


This lack of proper career guidance and career counseling often leads to the youth being confused on which path to travel. Add to it the pressure created by the family showing biases towards traditional professions. The new age profession actually repels the youth, they land up in dilemma on what to chose and what to leave. Then there is the factor of pride and ego. Or shall we say the false ego?  We use the term false ego as where is the pride in lying idle and being non-productive. I mean there are people who would engage an employment because they feel its not at par with their self-worth.  That’s where the feeling of feel-good factor comes in to play.

A man should really feel good about his work. That will only happen when you have the sufficient skills to give you that confidence and ego boost. Now, this sort of ego boost is desirable because it is resulting in something productive. Productivity will always be a result of great skills. These skills are expensive to garner and take time and patience. The government of India could feel this issue with youth and has come up with many skill development programs. One of them is NEEM Scheme.

NEEM scheme is really that angel which gives the youth “FEEL GOOD FACTOR”, Why? You may ask? The reason is simple, this scheme is training the youth free of cost, getting them the stipend and a very bright future. In short, they are promoting the “purpose” which will drive this youth to excellence and in turn boost the economy of the country. A win-win situation every way.

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