Larking about Working Hours

The working hours in most of the places are generally from 9AM to 5PM. But as you know that change is the trait of this modern era, everyone is getting aware of their working rights. Companies are trying to implement flexible policies at their workplace but still, it is getting extended up to 9 to 10 hrs job.

The main problem with these hours is that they don’t match the natural peaks and troughs of the energy of an employee.

A study says that the optimal timing of work for most of the people is in the morning. Some might be comfortable to work during night shifts and rest of the working population termed as ‘middle birds ‘those who work between morning and night with energy fluctuations..

People should work according to their Chronotype:
Every team leader should be aware of the chronotypes of its team member because the leader is the one who can guide his/her team to plan the working schedule in order to get the maximum quality output that too with member’s satisfaction. When the leader is aware of the Chronotype of the mender then it can be helpful for them to encourage the team member to structure their workday in the best possible manner. The structuring of the workday according to the Chronotype will automatically enhance the performance of an individual and make sure that that they must have less stress at the workplace.

Stop Expecting Instant Responses on Emails:
One study shows that the average worker checks the mail every six mins. But it doesn’t mean that they have to respond to it immediately. This may distract them from their main job. Focus and concentration are two main aspects that help to achieve the quality of the performance and if the worker is getting distracted from their job again and again then this will have an impact on the revenue generation also.

Usually checking the emails on a continuous basis is like a pressure on many workers because they have to respond immediately on it. The reason behind this can be the mismatch of the expectations.

It is a responsibility of a good leader to clearly communicate and maintain the transparency of the expectations from the team members. If you are expecting an immediate reply on the mails so tell them but this will definitely hamper the other activities of your team as well. Being a leader if you clearly state your expectation from the team members then it will be quite easy for them to fulfill it that too with less stress.

The Meeting should be Scheduled Effectively:
The leaders should make sure how much time is required for which meeting and how to make the best out of it. What is the output or conclusion that they will be getting after the meeting and in how much time?
This will save the time of employees as well as of higher authorities also.

The workers should be motivated to take their lunch with others instead of sitting alone at their desk during the lunchtime because the research done by the University of Mannheim stated that the employees use their lunchtime to make their mind feel relaxed by spending time with others so that when they will feel energetic when they get back to work.

One more research that was published by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine stated that a 10 mins walk during the lunch break can make the employee feel more energetic at the workplace during working hours.

All these can be implemented when the leader will take the initiative to set them by his/her own actions .

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