Why do we need NEEM Scheme?

This one is actually going to be a short write up. This question came to our minds, that why do we actually need things or schemes like NEEM Scheme. Well, we need to have proactive schemes like these because we have a huge nation with a very huge population.

This population is pretty hungry for growth. The nation is very hungry for growth. Comparing to the global competition, we need to ask ourselves this question. Are we really equipped to handle the demand pressure? No ! We are not. Although we have a huge workforce only a fraction of them are trained and equipped enough to be really productive. Why is that?. It is so because we lack the basic training modules that should be there in place. Our focus is more on production than on training the manpower to be more efficient. Industries should realize that what good cheap labor will do for them if they are not trained to work efficiently. We face international competition. In most of the products, our competitors are doing better in terms of price margins. How to beat them in the game then.

Industries are run by humans, no doubts about it. From top to the bottom its the efforts of individuals that makes the bottom line grow. Industries all over the country are clouded with issues of the skills gap. Initiatives like NEEM scheme are actually the practical way out. Every industry has the different way of working and different expectation from their workers. They need to train their manpower as per their style of working. NEEM scheme allows them to do just that. It also promotes a sense of belonging to the trainee as it is his first professional stint. The levels of discipline are also on the higher side. The industries in this way can produce manpower which is globally competitive. This scheme would also generate employment for the youth and give them a purpose to work. Industries embracing these schemes will surely be able to beat their competition in the long run.

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