Industries that will be positively impacted by NAPS

The National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme was conceptualized by the Government of India and was initiated with the objective of enhancing the skilled and employable youth population of the country. Though this was the preliminary objective, the associated positives would be enhancing the output of the industries and taking full advantage of the demographic dividend that

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Advantages of doing an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are known to have a number of benefits which are often overlooked when we ponder on what to do after completing +2. So, here goes a list of some convincing benefits of doing an apprenticeship and how it is going to benefit you in the future. Earning while studying: We all want to enjoy the

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Why should more and more Youth try NAPS

The NAPS program was conceived by the Government of India and was put into effect since the 19th of August, 2016 to promote the number of trained and mentored apprentices across the country.   With a vision to achieve a number of 50 lakh apprentices in over 40 sectors which include the likes of agriculture, food

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How can NAPS help young engineers in India

The NAPS scheme stands for the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme which is nothing but the brainchild of the Government of India to boost the number of the skilled workforce of the country by amplifying the number of apprentices in various industrial sectors; by near future. This program was conceived under the auspices of the Indian

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Insights Into NAPS

What is NAPS? NAPS is an abbreviated form of the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme. This was a scheme conceptualized by the Indian Government to provide apprenticeship programs for individuals who aspired to make a mark in the industry, in any sector they desired to be in.  When was the NAPS program put to effect? The

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Secrets behind the psychology of winning

Denis Waitley has evaluated winners for years together and detected the secret that worked behind the success of super performers. He realized that it is not just the blend of fortune, talent or hard work that comes into play. Success is primarily dependent on the mindset of people and that determines whether they are going

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Training in the FMCG industry of India

Be it training or earning, business in the FMCG industry is facing a strong growth every day in our country. As per the statistics of the Retail Sales Index, the rate of sales is decreasing. Competition from online sales is one of the major factors as consumers are getting more and more options and reasons

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How can a fresh school pass out be benefited from the NEEM scheme

NEEM Scheme: An introduction : National Employment Enhancement Mission has been a project undertaken in a combined fashion by AICTE as well as the Government of India to promote the number of dextrous, employable youths all across the country. The inception of this scheme lies in the fact that the nation aimed at augmenting the

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All you need to know about NAPS

NAPS is an abbreviated form of the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme. This was a project conceptualized by the Indian Government to provide apprenticeship programs for individuals who aspired to make a mark in the industry. The NAPS scheme has been developed keeping in mind the mutual facilitation of the industries as well. The industries would

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Skill Gap and the Indian Telecom Industry

Digital transformation in India can now be called a key driver of bringing change in the various aspects of the nation. It is not just improving the lives of customers but also offering businesses with various opportunities to create more value for themselves. The Indian telecom industry is now at the forefront of this change

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How important soft skills for youths

The youth population all over the globe is finding it difficult to enter and find success in the workforce. Unemployment of youth at a global stage stands at an unbelievable 75 million and the figure is still increasing. In the last 20 years with the modernization of the workforce, the inclusion of various soft skills

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