NEEM Scheme & Indian Health Care Sector

Health is Wealth This saying is actually truer when it comes to nation building and growth of the economy. Until unless you have a healthy population, nothing can move in terms of business. Ensuring that that population remains in top health condition is where the great Indian Health Care Sector comes in to play. Be

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The Indian Industrial Work Force and Feel Good Factor

Feel good factor is very important for the development of any Industry We know that particularly in India there is widespread unemployability amongst the Indian Youth. The reasons are many. In fact, this article is actually not about the menace of unemployability but we have still taken it in the context. The reason is that a man’s

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Information for becoming NEEM Trainee NEEM Scheme

Information for becoming NEEM Trainee | NEEM Scheme

This article will provide information on how a candidate can enroll with a NEEM agent to become a NEEM Trainee. A person registered under NEEM Scheme with a NEEM Agent will be termed as a NEEM Trainee As per the laid down NEEM rules the individual seeking to apply for apprenticeship under this scheme should

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Skill Development & Indian Leather Industry | NEEM Scheme

Indian Leather Industry is an export-centric Industry with huge potential for growth. Leather industry in India is one of those industries which has huge potential for domestic consumption as well as export. India has a huge stockpile of raw material for this industry owing to its cattle. In fact, we have close to 20% of

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Skills Development Requirement in BFSI Sector

Turbulent Past We all know what happened globally in 2007-08, the world witnessed a huge financial depression in the form of the US-Sub prime mortgage crisis. It really crippled the global business for a very long time. According to the IMF estimates of that time, the global GDP decelerated to the rate of 5.0. In

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What is the role of Industry in NEEM Scheme?

NEEM Scheme is the pioneering initiative taken by the government of India and AICTE for skills development. Today we will be telling you about the role of Industries in NEEM Scheme? It basically means the deliverables of the industry hiring the trainees. The primary role of any industry involved with NEEM Scheme is generating jobs.

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Why on the job training is the need of the hour?

Why do we need to train people to work for us? Well, the answer to this question would have two perspectives. One from the employer’s point of view and another from the employee’s point of view. We will make a sincere attempt at answering both the angles. Now everywhere we read about this topic, you

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Skill Shortage in Indian Automotive Sector neem scheme

Skill Shortage in Indian Automotive Sector

INDIA IS THE SECOND FASTEST GROWING AUTOMOTIVE MARKET OF THE WORLD Indian automotive sector is the second fastest growing automotive market in the world.That although sounds very promising, but the reality is that we are really lagging behind in terms of quality manpower which have the relevant skills to really fuel this growth-hungry sector. Lack of

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The Indian Industrial Scene and NEEM scheme

The sole purpose of writing this article is to establish a positive link between the Industry & Neem Scheme. The Indian Industrial scene has always being a very dynamic one. Right from the dawn of Industries in India, there has been some issue or the other cropping up. Well, In a way that’s what doing business

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what is neem scheme?

What is NEEM Scheme?

NEEM Scheme, also known as National Employability Enhancement Scheme, is a pioneering initiative taken jointly by AICTE and Government of India. The Scheme aims at producing skilled labors and counters the problem of the skilled labor shortage in India. It provides for on the job training to the candidates. NEEM Scheme also has some great incentives

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